March 28, 2008

Speaking Out

Stuart Coats        posted 28 Mar 2008, 05:09 PM

Hello everyone,

I’ve been to a few plays recently, and one extremely recently, where the actors couldn’t make themselves heard. We weren’t in big venues either: my most recent experience came at Bats. In pretty much all of the cases the actors themselves were graduates of various drama schools around the country.

As someone who went to a music school as a singer and thought that we didn’t have nearly enough ACTING classes, I would like to ask people if things like diction and projection are being taught at these drama schools. At the moment I’m guessing not, so maybe someone can tell me why not as well.

I don’t wish to sound all “old man” about this, but it does concern me. And I am obviously not the only one – recent reviews posted on this site have pointed out the same thing.

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