May 27, 2008



Auckland Theatre Company is seeking a highly motivated Literary Manager to manage the Company’s literary unit. This includes:

·         overseeing the theatre’s various play development programmes

·         assisting the Artistic Director in formulating the annual playbill

·         supplying editorial for Auckland Theatre Company publications, and

·         providing dramaturgical advice for new plays in production and revivals of classics.

Job Title:  Literary Manager
Department:  Artistic
Reports To:  Artistic Director
Direct Relationships:  
     Creative Development and Education Manager
     Marketing and Sponsorship Manager
     Associate Director Production
     General Manager

Deadline for submissions:  June 2008

To provide a high quality literary management and dramaturgical services which directly inform Auckland Theatre Company’s artistic decision making processes.   This includes overseeing the theatre’s various play development programmes; assisting the Artistic Director in formulating the annual playbill; supplying editorial for Auckland Theatre Company publications; and providing dramaturgical advice for new plays in production and revivals of classics.

Literary Management

  • Read and report on new scripts, both solicited and unsolicited
  • Assist the Artistic Director in formulating annual playbill by providing recommendations for programming
  • Keep abreast of developments in international theatre and international playwriting
  • Maintain up to date knowledge and data relating to play bill trends, in particular with regards to new and revived plays in production across New Zealand, Australia, Britain and the United States.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with playwrights and agents
  • Establish and maintain relationships with literary units of other theatre companies, both in New Zealand and overseas.
  • Maintain relationships and liaise with Playmarket, the Nola Millar Library and Writers Association
  • Provide the main point of contact between the playwriting community and Auckland Theatre Company


  • Manage Auckland Theatre Company’s commissions with writers

Script Development

  • Select scripts, cast and produce the monthly play reading series
  • Produce (in conjunction with the Creative Development and Education Manager) the Next Stage season of new work
  • Organize workshops of plays in development
  • Provide industry leadership and guidance in dramaturgy, workshopping and production of New Zealand work.


  • Provide editorial for Auckland Theatre Company publications, including programmes, sponsorship proposals, the website and school packs
  • Review the Auckland Theatre Company website on a weekly basis for corrections, additions and updates.

Mainbill Productions

  • Dramaturg new productions and revivals.
  • Manage delivery of REHEARSAL DRAFT for new plays in production, the revision process and the resulting FINAL DRAFT.


  • Lead selected public programmes, including post-show discussions and forums
  • Represent Auckland Theatre Company at local and national theatre related events.

Contribution to Auckland Theatre Company

This is a management position, and a high level of professionalism is required in this role. A primary responsibility to the ATC and its artistic endeavors is essential.  This includes but is not limited to:

·         maintaining a favorable working relationship with all Auckland Theatre Company employees to promote a cooperative and harmonious working environment in order to facilitate positive employee morale, productivity, and continued improvement;

·         suggesting improvements in operations, processes, efficiency and service both internally and through out the industry;

·         developing strong relationships with the rest of the management team to ensure coordinated marketing, production and business activity across the Company.


A demonstrated history of successful work with playwrights and plays in development; thorough knowledge of contemporary playwrights, theatre trends, New Zealand plays and playwrights; knowledge of the theatre industry in Auckland and nationally; excellent communication skills, written and oral; and the ability to work collaboratively with a variety of directors, playwrights, and other theatre artists.  Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from four-year college or university; or three to five years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Maintain a valid Drivers License.  ~

Please apply in writing to:

Auckland Theatre Company
PO Box 105-941
Auckland 1143  

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