October 31, 2008

NZ PLAY READINGS IN THE BUFFS above BATS: 8-9 Nov (Wellington)

"In so far as surviving records can prove, the earliest known traceable date of a Lodge of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes is 1822 at the Harp Tavern, Great Russell Street near Drury Lane Theatre and was created by stage hands and theatre technicians who had been denied a long held privilege extended to them by the actors and artists of the day."
The astonishing features of one of Wellington’s hidden gems, the chambers of the Royal Anteluvian Order of the Buffaloes [above BATS Theatre], is the site for a weekend of readings of excellent new New Zealand plays and discussion over election weekend, November 8-9. In association with principal sponsor the Adam Foundation to announce a weekend of vital new plays and conversation. Join some of Wellington’s finest theatre talent for readings of the latest new New Zealand work for the stage as the Wellington theatre world comes together.

The selected plays drawn from the cream of new New Zealand plays not seen in Wellington before are:

Saturday November 8

2pm Flintlock Musket by Kirk Torrance

Directed by Rachel House
Featuring Tama Waipara (musician), Kristyl Neho, Paul McLaughlin, Hori Ahipene and Jarod Rawiri

Described as a Māori Macbeth Flintlock Musket is a story set heartbeats before the start of the Musket Wars. An era where whole tribes were all but wiped out; and bloodlines would cease to exist. It tells the story of Mason Ingram and his wife Hine Ata Tu. Mason is a Scotsman, a farmer and a convict who jumped ship in Aotearoa and became a Pakeha/Māori. Hine is a strong willed woman whose father is the arch and irrepressible leader Aoraki and her mother who was a spoil of war that Aoraki took. Thus Hine is single-minded about planning the demise of Aoraki. She knows Mason wants to be a man respected, know he wants to be more than a Mokai Pakeha and Hine can see that he does not lack the desire. "Thou wouldst be great, art not without ambition, but without the illness should attend it" (Act I sc v, MacBeth). Hine must weave a blood soaked strand to his nature to be able to finally claim her Utu from Aoraki.

4pm Loser by Tom Sainsbury

Directed by Charlie Bleakley
Featuring Abby Marment, Eli Kent, Sonia Yee, Kate McGill, Leon Wadham and Gareth Williams

Loser, a black comedy, is the story of Glenwood High’s hilarious and disastrous ten year reunion. Following six ex-students through the build-up, eventual proceedings, and aftermath of the reunion, Loser is a tale of failed dreams, painful memories and a giant school-shaped cake.Liz, a suicidal moron still believes she is in a relationship with the most popular boy in school. Clint, said popular boy, is still solely focussed on sleeping with as many women in as short a time as possible. Megan, the school’s hot chick, and organiser of the reunion, has an outwardly perfect, inwardly crumbling life. Ryan, the school nerd, just wants to be popular and will spare no expense to achieve his dream. Judith, the over-achieving head girl wants to come to grips with her post-bursary mental breakdown. And Philip, the school freak, has a score to settle.

Sunday November 9

2pm  Fuc*#ing Parasites by Ninna Tersman

Directed by Steph Walker
Featuring Sarita So and Sam Wang

Winner of Playmarket New Play Award. In a suburbian refugee hostel, two teenagers who have come to New Zealand as refugees meet and get to know each other. In the absence of coping parents and other adults, they turn to each other with their despair, loss of hope and confusion about their present situation. Through the eyes of Irina and Behrouz we get confronted with a harsh and startling look at life. Fuc*#ng Parasites is a play that deals with the complex issues of immigration within New Zealand, which doesn’t turn out to be the haven these teenagers had hoped for.

3pm Barstools: Drinks and discussion with the Playwrights

Entry is by Koha. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Georgina Titheridge. Ph 04 382 8462 x4  george@playmarket.org.nz 
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