November 10, 2008


"21 sleeps to go"
[as at 10 November 2008]

Young playwrights have until 3pm 1 December 2008 to complete and hand it their scripts for the Tenth New Zealand Young Playwrights Competition. NZYPC has seen the launch of many playwrights and is the only one of it’s kind in the country.

Advice to young playwrights:

Written your script? And letting in marinate? Good idea. Leave it for a bit, then read it in one sitting, without writing anything down. What was the feeling you got when you read it? Is there enough drama? Does the main character/s want something desperately?

Haven’t started? No worries. There’s still time. What’s burning for you right now? The Bali bombers; your sister’s driving you nuts; exams are over and now what? (go wild – what’s the most extreme thing you could think of doing right now?); if the world ended tomorrow what would you do today?; America has a black president – what if NZ did? Imagine being a ladybug. Just hole yourself up for a weekend and go mad writing You know you want to write. The only thing stopping you is that you’re not writing!

Kind of started but are stuck? Get back into it. Don’t re read it. Just think of the single most passionate or angry or fascinating thing about your script, and give a character a monologue about that one thing. Don’t sensor yourself; don’t stop typing/writing for five minutes. Tell that critic on your shoulder to just shut up.

This competition is open to any New Zealand resident between the ages of 16 and 24, at the submission date of December 1st, 2008. NZYPC recognises winners from all over the country, and awards young playwrights with development opportunities with industry professionals. This includes a year’s development with a professional dramaturg and the opportunity to hear their work read by professional actors.

Previous winners include Thomas Sainsbury (Love Bite, Loser), Paul Rothwell (Deliver Us), Miria George (And What Remains), and Georgina Titheridge (Baby Cakes).

NZYPC – Change the World – Write a Play.
Submission details:
Deadline: 3pm, 1 December 2008
Fee: It’s free
Eligibility: NZ residents aged between 16-24 on 1 December 08
Entry form: Entries must be accompanied by an entry form, available from Playmarket
Format: Double spaced, unbound, send two copies, can be in English or Māori
Amount: Can enter up to three plays of 30 minutes or more in length

For further information and entry forms : contact Janie Walker at Playmarket
ph. 0274 539 099; Email:; Website:

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