November 13, 2008

THE CAPE by Vivienne Plumb  

THE CAPE, Vivienne Plumb’s great play about four boys’ road trip up the North Island which has been performed around New Zealand since its acclaimed Circa Theatre premiere last year, has now been published by The Play Press.  It includes an insightful introduction from the playwright, and with a cast of four 17 year olds, is an ideal play for anyone looking for excellent parts for boys.

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Some quotes from reviews:-

"By the time they reach the Cape and are watching the two oceans merge … the young men realise that there is only one chance at life and it should be lived to the full … They tease each other, fight, argue, take drugs, and ponder life (Why do things change? Why do parents split?). They fantasize about their futures …"
"I left the theatre feeling really, really good – about myself, my life and my friends. It’s important to experience theatre like this once in a while, theatre which leaves you feeling satisfied, entertained and, most significantly, happy with your place in life."
"The Cape totally rocked at Circa, and proved that young people plus cool play equals box office success …"
"… a captivating and heart warming contemplation on culture, life and friendship. Its exploration of kiwi youth and the beautiful and complex ways kiwi males respond to that youth is welcomed …" 

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