February 17, 2009


Two Day Plays was a month long competition that challenged 17 teams to create the best 10 minute play they could in a weekend. Each Sunday in February, teams have premiered their work during a 2-hour spectacle hosted by Cohen Holloway, competing for a place in the grand final – where they do it all over again! And that day has nearly arrived…

We’ve had entries from theatre veterans, spawn of theatre veterans, comedians, filmmakers, high school students, dancers and improvisers. The range has been enormous, and from the 17 plays, 6 finalists have been selected to repeat the challenge and prove that they’re two-trick-ponies.

This Sunday promises to be a powerhouse of fast-turn-around theatre, with the teams including:
Hackman (creators of Apollo 13: Mission Control)
BabyshadS (And She Did)
HalfWITS (members of the Wellington Improvisation Troupe)
Wellington High School (Year 11 students who blew the audience away)
Newtown Ghetto Anger (Jarrod Baker from Mrs Peacock and a Who’s Who of Wellington comedians), and
Track 06 (led by Anita Hutchins, winner of So You Think You Can Dance?).

The judges – playwright Jean Betts, director Murray Lynch, TV producer Bevin Linkhorn and legendary audience member Michael Wray – will make their final decisions on the night and the evening will conclude with an awards ceremony, in which one team will win rehearsal space, wine, NZ plays, poster printing & distribution, a script assessment & consultation, and the opportunity to present their winning play at the Fringe Awards the following Sunday.

The final takes place at 7pm
at McKenzie Theatre, Capital E (in Civic Square)
on February 22nd.
Bookings are through Downstage Theatre
via phone, internet, or in person at the Box Office:
04 801 6946


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