March 5, 2009

5 March 2009

Creative New Zealand has conditionally offered $125,000 to Downstage Theatre Trust (of $250,000 sought) to support its programme over the period 1 July to 31 December 2009. Conditions include the provision of a revised budget and programme.

Creative New Zealand believes the vision presented by Downstage Theatre has the potential to fill a niche in the theatre scene in Wellington and nationally. The vision involves Downstage Theatre working with mostly independent producers to present work at the Theatre.

The vision is however new, and remains unproven. Success will in part rely on increased audience support and Downstage’s ability to develop practitioners and their work.

The amount granted reflects what Creative New Zealand considers good value, taking into account that many of the productions already receive Creative New Zealand support, and aims to assist Downstage Theatre to continue to implement its new vision.

In August 2008, Creative New Zealand decided to cease recurrent funding of Downstage Theatre Trust from 30 June 2009. At this time, Creative New Zealand agreed to consider an application for funding for the period June to December 2009 to assist Downstage Theatre to make the transition from being a recurrently funded organisation.

Downstage Theatre Trust is eligible to apply for contestable funding for its 2010 programme.


  • Through recurrent funding, Creative New Zealand enters into multi-year agreements providing greater certainty for arts organisations than contestable funding. Arts organisations must be invited to apply for recurrent funding.
  • Contestable funding is open to any artist, practitioner or arts organisation that meets the eligibility criteria for specific programmes.
  • Further information on Creative New Zealand’s funding programmes can be found at 

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