August 4, 2009


Silo Theatre presents

Why should dirty little clubs be the only place people could meet each other? Why can’t there be another setting where people feel comfortable being alone… together?

Silo Theatre is looking to initiate the club culture into New Zealand theatre with their "Theatrical Pick-Me-Up" scheme – Singles’ Night With Silo Theatre. This is a chance to find a date or meet your mate!

Recognizing that there are a large number of people in Auckland who would love the theatre but are single and have friends that would rather spend time doing their GST returns than go out, Theatrical Pick-Me-Up is a unique way to both increase the frequency of theatre-going and introduce new audience members to the exciting world of live theatre – and to each other.

A similar initiative was crafted by The Broadway League (formerly the League of American Theatre and Producers Inc.) in 2006 with their "Singles’ Night on Broadway" outreach program in New York and throughout the tri-state areas, another special event that followed in the footsteps of their previous initiative, "Kids’ Night on Broadway." 

Auckland’s single scene has increased in the past decade also – in the 2006 Census, the statistic for those "never married and never joined in a Civil Union" under the "Legal Marital" subset combined with the "total non-partnered" under the "Social Marital" subset showed a total of 237,615 people who could be looking for their ideal partner; an increase of 35,070 from the 1996 Census. It’s a trend that may increase further come the 2011 Census…

Unless Silo Theatre has anything to do with it!

Theatrical-Pick-Me-Up: Singles’ Night with Silo Theatre begins in August during the season of Holding The Man (playing from August 7th) with a night for gay men. Come meet 30 minutes before the show, enjoy some free drinks as a guest MC for the evening encourages you to mix and mingle …

Theatrical Pick-Me-Up: Singles Night With Silo Theatre
begins with a performance of Holding The Man for gay men 
Monday August 10th at 6.30pm
Herald Theatre, THE EDGE
Cost: $35 (includes entrance to the show)

Book now through THE EDGE® – – or 09 357 3355
(When people book for that Monday and pay 35 dollars they can participate in the singles evening.)

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