September 7, 2009


Sunday 6 September saw 5 plays premiere at BATS Theatre, all of which were made over the weekend.

The Two Day Play finalist selection process has changed this round, with the audience selecting one team to progress to the final on Sept 27, and judges Murray Lynch, Ken Duncum, Michael Wray and Steph Walker choosing the second.

In Heat 1, the competition was very tight with each entry having various strengths. However, the judges’ and the audience’s choices aligned. The two teams selected to make another play in 3 weeks time are Newtown Ghetto Anger (with their play The Shark) and Bull at a Gate (with the play Star Seed Awakening).

Newtown Ghetto Anger (comedians Jarrod Baker, Dave Cormack, TJ McDonald, Jim Stanton, Tom Williams and Caroline Beech) were the runners-up for the first incarnation of Two Day Plays. Cheryl Amos from Bull at a Gate is the first official one-person entry for the competition.


Newtown Ghetto Anger The Shark
Made by: Jarrod Baker, Dave Cormack, TJ McDonald, Jim Stanton, Tim Williams.
Performed by: Jarrod Baker, Dave Cormack, TJ McDonald , Tim Williams.
Technical Operator: Caroline Beech.

Team VoltronY-Front
Featuring: Hilaire Caromody, Corey Matthews.
Technical Operator: Woody Tuhiwai

Bull at a GateStar Seed Awakening
Made by Cheryl Amos. Special thanks to Conrad Newport.

Info CircusPrimary
Made by Kirsty McGuire, Jack O’Donnell, Frances Hudson, Rosie Duxfield, Hans Landon-Lane

Fantasy ThangBring Back Buck
Performed by: Fiona Tucker, Stephen Aitken, Elise Goodge, Aneta Ruth, Anna Burns, Cara Louise, Stuart Grant.
Technician: Blair Ryan

More plays premiering at BATS Theatre next Sunday, 7pm. Come choose a finalist!

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