September 16, 2009


This year the awards will be judged and presented in a new format with the winners being be announced in an NBR special supplement on November 13.

Five sponsors will be selected for the awards, with one supreme award winner. The new, simple format will mean that this year sponsors will no longer have to compile extensive applications as in the past.

NBR’s arts writer John Daly-Peoples will convene the panel of judges, which will assess all sponsorship activities occurring in New Zealand between October 1 2008 and September 30 2009. But sponsors are invited to proactively submit information about their arts sponsorship to ensure their consideration by the judges.

The finalists will be chosen on the basis of sponsors involved in arts partnerships which:

  • deliver genuine business benefits to their own organisation as well as meet the objectives of the arts partner;
  • demonstrate a high level of interaction and involvement on the part of the sponsor as well as the arts partner in the joint setting of common objectives as well as in the execution of the partnership;
  • use the strengths and qualities of both parties for the benefit of the partnership introduce new concepts and a creative approach to Sponsorship of the Arts;
  • and set an example of excellence and innovation in the process of the partnership. 

To ensure your sponsorships are considered by the judges the nominator or sponsor should provide the following information
• The name, location and dates of the event;
• A brief description of the event;
• A brief description of the reasons for involvement;
• A brief description of the outcomes;
• Value of the sponsorship – either actual or general indication (e.g. under $10,000 or over $50,000);
• Please include any programmes or other sponsorship branded material.

Nominations close October 1 and should be sent to John Daly-Peoples, National Business Review, PO Box 1734, Auckland 1140 or email Individuals, groups and events should bring this opportunity to the attention of your sponsors.

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