October 27, 2009


Dates: Sat 28th & Sun 29th Nov
Time: 9am-5pm
Cost: $200 (incl. GST) 
Discount: $25 discount given if paying before 20th Nov
Venue: The Actors Studio Wellington: Level 1, 39 Dixon Street, Wellington
Class Size: 12-16 people over 20 years – deadline 27 Nov (unless filled earlier).
Contact: Barbara Woods at actors.studio.wgtn@gmail.com or (04) 381 0229 
Website:  www.wellingtonactorsstudio.co.nz 

In this two day weekend workshop you will learn simple, effective tools to make your film performance and audition technique real, dynamic & unique. The two main tools we focus on are listening and emotionally understanding your relationship to the other characters in the scene. We’ll touch on other skills to help you own your auditions and performances as a whole. 

You’ll also receive support materials on:


  • Understanding the film & television industry
  • Do’s and don’ts in the audition room
  • How to create more audition or job opportunities for yourself
  • Getting an agent & then nurturing that relationship
  • Preparing for an audition or role

"The foundation of acting is the reality of doing. Your first doing as an actor is to listen" Sanford Meisner 

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