November 2, 2009

SmackBang Theatre seeks feedback on plan for a week-long acting workshop   

After a very exciting and fruitful weekend work shop in theatre audition technique, we had an idea that we would like to get feedback on: a week long acting boot camp of sorts. It goes like this:  


  • You will be taken away from the hustle and bustle of your every day life where you will get to focus solely on acting. Somewhere awesome, peaceful and secluded.
  • You will spend 5 days working with our country’s foremost acting tutors (I’m not sure who that is yet but we will find them) in screen and theatre.
  • We’re thinking of limiting it to 20 people going away. Once they arrive they will break in to 2 classes of 10. The groups will alternate through a roster, i.e: group 1: Morning- Theatre; Afternoon- Screen / group 2: Morning- Sceen; Afternoon- Theatre.
  • The FEE that you would pay would have to cover your:

    – Accommodation
    – Travel
    – Food
    – Tutors’ Fees.



  1. Do you like the idea?
  2. Who would you be interested in learning from in our industry?
  3. Bearing in mind the list above, realistically, how much would you expect to pay for such a workshop? (To put fees in to a context you are looking to pay between $250-$500 for weekend acting workshops around town, just for the tutors.)

That’s just a very basic out line of what we would like to do. Please get back to us in the next couple of days. If we get enough interest, we will proceed in making this actors retreat a reality.

Kia ora everyone
The SmackBang Team 

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