November 20, 2009

14th Workuba 2010, Havana, Cuba.

Marta Bercy       posted 20 Nov 2009, 09:28 AM

14th Workuba 2010 –  Havana, Cuba

(International Intensive Afro-Cuban and Latin Dance Workshop)

February 20 – 27- 2010

Location:  America Theatre, 253 Galiano Ave, Havana, Cuba

Workuba brings together the various dances of the Americas that have their roots in traditional African rhythms and dance, and blends these influences with Modern Dance, which the Program considers to be the key elements of the “complete dancer”.  Workuba makes the difference!  We offer you a unique opportunity to experience modern dance with a latin flavor in a workshop that has as its historical setting Havana City.

 Workshop Director:  Ms. Marta Bercy

 Classes to be offered in the Workuba Latin Dance Workshop:

Afro-Cuban/  Ballet/ Afro-Brazilian  / Rueda & Cuban Salsa / Theatre / Rhythm and Torso Work/  Modern Dance / Ballet/ Latin Jazz / Training Beginners / Rumba.

* Master Classes:  Ballet – Afro-Cuban – Modern Dance –

* Class Schedule: Saturday 10am to 6pm / Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm.

* Final Performance: February Saturday 27 – 9pm, America Theatre.

*  Participants may bring a Choreography (Duration: between 3 and 5), as well as music on CD and costume. These will be assessed for presentation, with essays timetables .

Fees:  250.USD The participation fee is 250USD which includes workshop,certificate and momentos / Observer: 150.USD

Hotel Reservation – Special Offer Workuba 2010:

*  (Attention: Angela Montesino / Ernesto Reina)

Participants who so desire, may access the Hotel service, provided by the Paradiso Agency.

Registration: Saturday February 20 from 8a.m. to 10a.m-America Theatre.

Participation Requirements: – Minimum age: 15 years.

 For more details contact:  /

Tedancari Website:

Telephone Contact:  Office : (54 11) 4583 0095 (Argentina)

 Marta Bercy

General Director

Master of Modern and Afro-Cuban Dance.


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