November 26, 2009

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16/16 update:

As we wrap up the year and plan into the future, we are standing looking directly into the sun of Footnote’s Choreolab from Jan 18th – Feb 5th ! 
We are very pleased to announce that the Footnote 2010 Choreolab tutors are Malia Johnston, Ursula Robb and Jo Randerson. We are also looking forward to the new initiative for 2010, where dancers are joined by a variety of creative artists to workshop and create within a limited timeframe – 36 hours with 6 dancers and 3 creators.
We are now in the final stages of planning the timetable, and confirming participants, so if you haven’t registered your interest and feel you might be missing out, please be in touch – For more information about the workshops, you can visit our website, or phone us in the office on 04 3847285.
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(Original notice:)
36.6.3 : 36 hours, 6 dancers, 3 creators.

Jan 18th – Feb 4th 2010

Tarrant Dance Studios, 125 Cuba Street, Wellington

Choreolab is an event that gives time, space and immersion for freelance artists to interface with Footnote Dance in a summer special in Cuba Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

You’ve heard of the 48 hour film festival [and Two Day Plays] – this is the dance answer! 2010’s Choreolab takes on an exciting new format – added to the exploration of creative process, there is now an emphasis on reaching conclusions. Creative teams of 3 will have 6 dancers and 36 hours to create, ending showings of the results.

Members of the creative teams can be from any discipline, i.e. choreographers, designers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, directors …. any combination is welcome.

The first week involves a series of workshops with a range of tutors from various arts fields and also features the very popular 20 minute ‘Spotlights’ on various aspects of arts practice today. Contemporary dance technique class runs every morning for the dancers, with a guest tutor yet to be confirmed.

In the second and third weeks the 36.6.3 projects will run. Monday is the set-up day, with Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday being the 36 hours to create, ending in a showing both weeks.

Applications for creative teams close on the 18th December.

Places for dancers are limited, with only a few spots left to fill. If you have not registered your interest, please be in touch. Costs are heavily subsidised by Footnote Dance through funding from Creative New Zealand to enable freelance professionals and practitioners to have this start to the dancing year of projects and research.

Fees are:
$200 Dancers (Earlybird fee if paid by Dec 18) or $250 (if paid on first day – Jan 18)
$50 per 36.6.3 creative team trio

Please contact Nina Baeyertz on 04 3847285 or to reserve your place or if you have any questions. 

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