March 3, 2010

The New Zealand Fringe Festival 2010  
6pm March 7
Paramount Theatre, Wellington

It started with the ‘Running of the Fringe’ and will end with the Toasting of the Fringe.

The New Zealand Fringe Festival will blow out the candles this Sunday to celebrate the conclusion of its 20th birthday festival – and hand out a few goodies too.

The Fringe Awards 2010 and closing night party will be held 6pm Sunday March 7 at the Paramount Theatre, Courtenay Place Wellington.

Fourteen awards will be announced to celebrate the best on show at Fringe 2010, and a new member of the Fringe Hall of Fame will be honoured. In 2009, Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords were inducted.

The event will be hosted by Derek Flores and Vinyl Burns from the live talk show The Chit Chat Lounge and featured entertainment from this year’s crop of Fringe participants, including The Crimson Club and Galaxia.

The awards will be followed by a closing night party at the Paramount Theatre with the support of Tuatara Beer.

The award categories are: 

Best in Dance (supported by Fringe Arts Trust)
Best in Music (supported by Radio Active 89FM)
Best in Visual Art (supported by Resene)
Best in Outdoor (supported by Phantom Billstickers)
Best in Comedy (supported by Tuatara Brewery)
Best in Theatre (supported by Fringe Arts Trust)
Marketing Award (supported by Creature)
Best One Man Band (Solo Show)
Best Production Design
Most Original Concept (supported by Springload)
Where Did You Come From? (Best Newcomer) (supported by Plum Café)
Stand Out Performer (supported by Team Capital Holden)
Best of Fringe (supported by Fringe Arts Trust)
Pick of the Fringe (supported by Downstage Theatre)
Fringe Hall of Fame (supported by Fringe Arts Trust)
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