March 29, 2010


What is the role of the imagination in envisaging a sustainable society? 

New environmental lecture series at Downstage  
Downstage in association with Now Future are excited to launch DIALOGUES WITH TOMORROW, a new lecture series that places artists in conversation with scientists, business people and thinkers on themes related to climate change.
At each session an artist or cultural commentator presents ideas and work inspired by an environmental issue. An expert in that field responds, followed by discussion that brings together the knowledge, ideas and reactions of the speakers.
By combining artistic perspective with conventional knowledge, DIALOGUES WITH TOMORROW aims to spark new conversations around climate change. “For a long time now, climate change has been the domain of scientists and more recently business people and politicians. Through Dialogues with Tomorrow, we are adding some heart and reflection into the discussion” say Now Future founders Sophie Jerram and Dugal McKinnon.
For example: Oceans, Agency and Atua examines how traditional Maori tikanga aligns with geo-engineering and speculation as to how to re-balance the earth and oceans. Bishop Muru Walters (Maori All Black, leading Maori artist and art teacher, Anglican Maori Bishop for the Lower North Island) starts by presenting his work and thoughts on the subject. Philip Boyd (Oceanographer, NIWA) responds, and together they’ll share thoughts, ideas and reactions.
Full program:
ANTARCTICA TERRA NULLIUS? How can art offer new understandings of our relationship to Antarctica? Thursday April 15, Downstage, 5.45pm
Anne Noble, Photographer, Professor of Fine Arts, Massey University, in conversation with:
Dr Peter Barrett, Professor of Geology, Victoria University
Chair: Ian Wedde
OCEANS, AGENCY AND ATUA Playing God with the seas.
Thursday April 22, Downstage, 5.45pm
Bishop Muru Walters, in conversation with:
Dr Philip Boyd, Oceanographer, NIWA
Chair: Hamish Campbell
CLIMATE SPINDenial in media and advertising.
Thursday May 13, Victoria University, Rutherford House LT1, Bunny St, 6.30pm
Judith Williamson, Writer, Professor of Cultural History at the University for the Creative Arts (London)
Live UK video link
Chair: Ian Wedde
ISLANDS Sinking and adapting in the Pacific.
Thursday May 20, Downstage, 5.45pm
Lyn Collie & Briar March, Filmmakers, in conversation with:
Dr Sean Weaver, Environmental Consultant
Chair: Hamish Campbell
AFTER SUPERMARKETS Waste, retail and food distribution.
Thursday May 27, Downstage, 5.45pm
Kim Paton, Artist and Retailer, in conversation with:
Dr M. Claire Dale, Economist, University of Auckland
Chair: Ian Wedde
FUTURE NETWORKSRebooting information and energy flows.
Thursday June 3, Downstage, 5.45pm
Julian Priest, Artist and Researcher, in conversation with:
Simon Coley, Energy Entrepreneur
Chair: Hamish Campbell
Tickets for all events are $15, or $10 unwaged.
Book online or by phone (04) 801 6946.

Downstage is proudly sponsored by BNZ.

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