April 14, 2010

Urban Devas Descend upon the CBD: A Call of Kindness amidst the Contemporary Chaos – by Celine Sumic   
Making danced incantations in fluoro street vests and uniform black lycra leggings, the Urban Devas appear as a hybrid flock of road angels as they descend with trumpeting force upon Auckland’s CBD.
Heralding the arrival of whispered kindness with metamorgaphones (abstracted vocal amplifiers in the form of stylised silver funnels), dancers Ai Fuji Nelson, Emily Adams, Alana Yee, Tracey Buchanan, Becca Woods, Rachel Ruchstuhl-Mann, Evania Vallyon, Liana Yew, Sarah Gavina Campus and Kerryn McMurdo embark upon their journey as if sent to transduce the air of our geo-spatial time. [More]
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