April 28, 2010



Comedians band together for an unprecedented event with a late addition to the Cadbury Crunchie 2010 NZ International Comedy Festival with Benjamin vs. The Volcano!

Comedians are rallying together to help one of their own in a dire situation, producer Noor Razzak of A Boy Named Hamburger Productions Ltd, has amassed a collection of A-List comedians for a 1 hour show that promises big laughs.

New Zealand Comedian and four time Billy T Award nominee, Benjamin Crellin, has been forced to cancel his show in the Comedy Festival, after Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano caused his flight to be cancelled.

Unable to obtain an alternative flight, Benjamin was faced with no way home, venue and ticketing costs to cover, and a volcanic nemesis whose name he can’t pronounce. The beloved New Zealand comedian was not only disappointed that his much-anticipated show “Benjamin Crellin in The Games We Play” had to be pulled as a result but is faced with insurmountable fees and cancellation costs. Such a unique and unprecedented situation calls for an unprecedented solution.

This Friday April 30th and Saturday May 1st, the comedy community is turning up in force at the Garden Club for what would have been the last two nights of Crellin’s show, to put on an A-List showcase, “Benjamin vs. The Volcano!” and will feature sets from Award-winning comedians from across New Zealand including:

– Steve Wrigley (2008 Billy T Award winner and as seen on TV3’s “7 Days”)
– Simon McKinney (2008 Billy T nominee)
– Jamie Bowen (Star of the upcoming TV2 series “A Night at the Classic” and 4-time Billy T nominee)
– James Nokise (2-time Billy T nominee)
– Clayton Carrick-Leslie (2010 Billy T nominee)
– Cameron ‘Pinchey’ Murray (2008 Raw Comedy Quest winner)
– Sarah Harpur (2009 Raw Comedy Quest winner)
– Jim Stanton (“The Comediettes”)
– Noor Razzak (2005 and 2006 Wellington Raw Comedy Quest winner)

These comedy stars are giving their precious time to take part in this fundraiser, with all proceeds going towards Ben’s venue hire and cancellation fees in aid of their fellow performer and friend.

It’s Benjamin vs. The Volcano! and with the help of Wellingtonians, whether they be fans of Crellin, New Zealand comedy, or universal underdogs, hopefully Benjamin will come out on top. So please come and check out the show, tickets available from Ticketek!

What: “Benjamin vs. The Volcano!”
When: April 30th and May 1st at 10pm
Where: The Garden Club, 13B Dixon Street, Wellington
How Much: $20 or $16 concession for students and groups of 6 or more
Bookings: 0800 TICKETEK / www.ticketek.co.nz     

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