May 10, 2010


In 2011 SmackBang will be highlighting women in New Zealand theatre with plays by female playwrights, with strong female characters and all directed by female directors.  

As with all of our projects we will be holding open auditions for actors, and we wanted to do the same for directors.  

The first play up is the world premiere of Pip Hall’s “The Woman Who Loved A Mountain” and will be performed at TAPAC in April 2011.  

If you’re interested in directing for SmackBang please send us an application. In your application please provide an indication of how you view the play and what elements are necessary for you to stage a successful production. Please indicate any casting that would be central to your production. You are free to approach actors to ascertain their availability but you should make it clear that such an approach does not constitute an offer of work, which can only be made by SmackBang.  

Electronic copies of the play are available, please email us at for one.  

The SmackBang team.  

SmackBang Theatre Co.
p: +64 (0)21 179 0111
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