July 14, 2010


Dear Friends  

On Sunday 7 July Sue Dunlop passed away after a very short battle with cancer. For all who knew Sue the suddenness of her passing has been a huge shock and our hearts go out to her partner Fran Hoover and her family and many friends.

Sue was a fine musician, song writer and teacher of music, as well as long time and core member of Hen’s Teeth women’s comedy company. She also accompanied many artists in a large variety of projects as a musician.

Sue had many wonderful qualities not least of which was her was kind and incredibly generous nature. She was a very disciplined person and was always there to help out in any circumstance. Organised, clever, unpretentious and very positive, Sue was a person who had a great love and caring for other people as well as strong feminist beliefs.

She will be deeply missed by the many who knew her and the essential goodness that she embodied as well of course for her phenomenal voice and musical talent.

The funeral service celebration of Sue’s life will be at The Pines, Houghton Bay, at 2pm on Thursday (15/7). Sue’s partner Fran with whom she had a long and deeply loving relationship invites all who knew Sue to join her in celebrating her life on Thursday.

Madeline McNamara

Magdalena Aotearoa Trust

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