July 30, 2010


To Performing Arts Practitioners,

As you may be aware, Q Theatre, Auckland’s newest professional performing arts venue at 305 Queen Street will be open in the latter half of 2011.

The venue will have two performance spaces available for hire; these are the Q Auditorium and the Q Studio. The Q Auditorium is a flexi-form, midsized auditorium that seats between 348 and 454 depending on configuration. The Q Studio is an open-plan flexible studio space that seats approximately 120 people in different configurations.

With this in mind I write to let you know about hiring the venue, programming and the timeline for opening.  As construction progresses Q Theatre expects to be open for a season from September to December 2011.

Later this year Q Theatre will be embarking on a formal process of programming shows for the end of 2011 as well as the 2012 season. In the interim, we are aware that you may already be in the process of planning projects for 2011 and therefore wish to make it known that Q  Theatre will be open for hire for dance, theatre, music / musical theatre or multi-disciplinary performance art productions.

If you or any of your industry contacts are interested in hiring one of the Q Theatre performance spaces in the period of September to December 2011 please get in touch via email (info@qtheatre.co.nz). Let us know your company name, contact details, title and description of work, key people involved and any other information you think might be helpful for us.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Susanne Ritzenhoff
Q Theatre, General Manager.


Q Theatre’s vision is to be a world-class, exciting, impressive destination for audiences seeking the best live performing arts experience in the Auckland region, and also be a strong and vital base for artists and practitioners working in New Zealand’s professional performing arts sector.

The Q Theatre Auditorium
On the same level as the Foyer and stretching away from Queen Street through to Grey’s Avenue,the main auditorium has flexible seating with capacities that vary between 350-450. The seating capacities for standard configurations within the main auditorium are: 
Long Traverse: 354 people
Short Traverse: 348 people
End Stage: 348 people
Thrust: 454 people
In the Round: 374 people
(NB: these include 2 levels of galleries and 3 wheelchairs)

The Q Theatre Studio  
One level up from Queen Street, above the foyer will be an open plan studio that will house performances seating up to 120 people in different configurations.

For more information on Q Theatre please visit www.qtheatre.co.nz  

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