October 6, 2010


Contemporary artists in New Zealand and around the world are invited to register an event with the 2011 Dunedin Fringe Festival which runs from 17-27 March. We are an open-access festival with a focus on innovative and experimental contemporary art within, between and across all art forms. Find out everything you need to know about how the Festival works, what the Festival provides to artists and how to get involved.

The final date for artist registrations is 19 November 2010, but don’t relax yet as you won’t want to miss out on applying for some funding or a key venue.

$22,500 in Festival Funding for Artists Available Now

New Zealand artists registering for the Dunedin Fringe can apply to us for funding to develop and present exciting new work. If you meet the eligibility and assessment criteria we encourage you to apply for a Festival grant. Funding eligibility and assessment criteria are listed on page 7 of the Artist Registration Pack.

Fringe funding applications are due on 22 October 2010.

Hub Venue Applications Open
We encourage artists to apply for a hub venue as these will be well supported and promoted by the Festival. The Fringe Festival books several key venues to ensure availability and to provide a concentrated and dynamic programme in the central city. Festival-run venues feature 2-3 performances per night and form the hub of the Festival. A list of Festival-run venues is provided in the Artist Registration Pack. 

Festival-run venue applications are due on 22 October 2010. Of course artists are free to find and book their own venue and Fringe staff are happy to provide advice regarding venue suitability.

More info… can be found on our website
Dunedin Fringe Festival
office +64 3 477-3350


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