November 28, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! We are thrilled to announce the nominations and the winners of the HACKMAN Theatre Awards! 2010!

It’s been an honour honouring our colleagues and we are very excited to see the great shows everyone has in store for 2011!

Have a great time!

The Nominations and Winners (in bold)
The KATHRYN RAWLINGS AND ASSOCIATES Award for Best Entrance of the Year…
The Horse in Horseplay
Colin Garlick in Treasure Island
Stuart McKenzie in Biography of My Skin ***
The HACKMAN award for Best Death of the Year…
Sam Snedden in Mojo ***
Gypsy Kauta – The Office Xmas Party
Barnaby Fredric in The Irrefutable Truth about Petfood
The ELEPHANT PUBLICITY Award for Best Poster of the Year…
The Irrefutable Truth about Petfood ***
The Vagina Monologues
The ELIZABETH WHITING Award for Best Costume of the Year…
The pants that pissed themselves in That Face***
Raising the Titanics
Miranda’s body paint in Biography of my Skin
The KAREN KAY MANAGEMENT Award for Smallest Part of the Year…
Matt McDougall in The Lover ***
Edith Poor for That Face
Stuart Devenie in August: Osage Country
The AUCKLAND ARTS FESTIVAL Award for Best Cross Gender Acting of the Year…
Jonathon Brugh in The Second Test
Samuel Christopher in The Masculine Monologues***
Fleur Saville in The Giant Face
The TALKING HEADS: The Voice Professionals Award for Best Accent of the Year…
Jessica Joy Wood in Hotel ****
David Van Horn in Mojo
Kate Prior in My Name is Rachel Corrie
The SANDRA BULLOCK Award for Best Break up of the Year…
Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Alistair Browning in August: Osage County
Michael Whalley and Brooke Williams in Romeo and Juliet
Toni Potter in The Vagina Monologues ***
The SILO THEATRE Award for Best Technical ***k up of the Year…
The SILO Theatre for When the Rain stops falling
The AUCKLAND ACTORS Award for Best Dry of the Year…
Renee Lyons in The Xmas Monologues ***
Stephen Butterworth in Songs for Guy
Oliver Driver in Thom pain – was that a dramatic pause or a forgetful pause?
The Q THEATRE Award for Best Weapon of the Year…
Ben Farry in Romeo and Juliet
The Swords in Treasure Island ***
The Baking Tray in The Office Party
The ORYZA FOUNDATION Award for an Actress/Actor playing a character with a disability/medical condition of the year…
Andy Grainger in What to do about Dad? – Stroke
Sophie Roberts in Broken China – Pregnancy
Ryan Richards in Idiots: Back2School – Too many concussions ***
The ARMSTRONG CREATIVE Award for Best Stage Manager of the Year…
Fern Christie in Sweeny Todd ***
Lauren Wati for Happy Days
Pip Smith in Mojo
The PLAYMARKET Award for Best Line in a Kiwi Play…
"I am an Anglican not an alcoholic and there is a stark difference – I have a drink to the lord at 9am and in my eyes that counts as communion.” –Samuel Christopher for Masculine Monologues.
“Should we change his facebook status to Dead” – Eli Kent for The Intricate Cart of Actually Caring. ***
"Maybe he does have a container load of washing powder at his mates porn shop that he’s going to distribute after displaying how a bunch of cardigans with pockets can be used to enable politicians and lawyers to discreetly purchase pornography and sex aids for a ten grand payout. But does it really matter?"
Sam Berkley’s for The West Auckland Cardigan Appreciation Society
The BASEMENT Award for Best Newcomer of the Year….
Director Sam Shore for The Idea of America
Eli Kent and Jack Shadbolt in The Intricate Art of Actually Caring
Ash Jones in The Importance of Being Ernest ***
The JOHNSON AND LAIRD MANAGEMENT Award for Best Use of a Prop…
Michael Hurst’s Appendage in Cabaret
The Banana in Krapp’s Last Tape ***
Robyn’s handbag in Happy Days
The STAMP Award for Best Pash of the Year…
Laurel Devenie and Lisa Chappel in The Importance of Being Ernest
Todd Emerson and Byron Coll in Dog sees God ***
Michael Whalley and Brooke Williams in Romeo and Juliet
The SOUTH PACIFIC PICTURES Outrageous Award for Best Performance of a pill poppn’ hard drinking Grandmother with a family of philanders, pot heads and incest dabblers of the Year…
Jennifer Ludlam ***
The THEATREVIEW Award for Best Ensemble acting of the Year…
The cast of The Vagina Monologues
The cast of The Suburban Murder
Morgana O’Reilly in The Height of the Eiffel Tower ***
The APRA Award for Best Singing in a Play…
The cast of Songs for Guy
The Cast in Raising the Titanics ***
The cast of Assassins
The PEACH THEATRE COMPANY Award for Best Dancing in a Play…
Fiona Collins in My Penina
Greg Cooper in Heroic Faun Number .1 ***
Gareth Reeves in Mojo
The NZ ACTORS’ EQUITY Award for best Comeback of the Year…
Ian Hughes in Mojo
Michell Hine in The Idea of America ***
Tim Balme in Horseplay
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