December 3, 2010


Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School is New Zealand’s leading specialist tertiary education provider for the performing arts. The School excels in developing practitioners to be leaders in the field of performing arts and beyond.  

Our current Director is leaving us in May 2011 creating an exciting opportunity for the next phase in the School’s development.

As the Director, you will lead a team of professional educators and arts practitioners working at the forefront of performing arts education in New Zealand.

You will have:

  • experience in the tertiary education sector and a close association with the performing arts
  • demonstrated leadership and business skills
  • excellent ability in communications in all forms
A detailed Position Description is available on
Enquiries via email to  
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Closing date for applications: Friday 14 January 2011.


Position: Director
Responsible to: The Board of Trustees of Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School

The Director holds the key leadership position in the organization. Under the authority of the Trust Board, the Director assumes complete responsibility for carrying out assigned policies and programmes. The Director has the authority to direct the implementation of the organisation’s programmes and services, and is responsible for the management of all staff members and contractors. The Director is authorised to delegate his/her duties to staff but retains ultimate accountability.  


Qualifications & Technical Skills
  • A tertiary qualification in a relevant discipline
  • Minimum 8 years’ experience in teaching and management in theatre and screen education
Experience and knowledge required for effective performance in the position
  • Experience working at a strategic level to develop new initiatives and manage implementation within a team
  • Experience of working in a culturally diverse environment relevant to the New Zealand context
  • Well-developed written and oral communication skills
  • Experience in developing and managing relationships at a senior level
  • Experience in managing business needs, budgets and financial constraints
  • Experience in managing staff and team relationships
  • Tertiary Education Commission
  • Ministry of Education
  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • Other relevant government departments
  • Theatre and Screen practitioners (national and international)
  • National and international tertiary education institutions
  • Performing arts education/research groups
  • Maori community groups
  • Diplomatic representatives and other international linkages
  • Community groups including the business community
1. General Accountabilities
The Director is responsible for:
  • The overall development, direction and leadership of the School
  • Furthering the mission, vision and strategic objectives of the School as adopted by the Board of Trustees
  • Maintaining the highest professional standards and ethics of educational practice in the School
  • Promoting the best interests of the School within the theatre industry and the wider community both nationally and internationally
2. Trust Board
2.1 Prepare and present papers to the Trust Board, as required, on any aspect of the School’s work, including regular financial reporting, and progress against the strategic and operational plans
2.2 Attend each Trust Board meeting and ensure all decisions of the meeting are carried forward
2.3 Ensure appropriate minutes and actions arising are recorded, circulated and actioned
2.4 Implement and maintain a quality oriented, timely, and service-focussed approach to the work of the Trust Board
3. Treaty of Waitangi
3.1 Demonstrate the School’s commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi and the Treaty partnership
3.2 Maintain the bi-cultural kaupapa of the School
3.3 Ensure that the School is a place where Maori aspirations can be realised
4. Strategic and Risk Management
4.1 Formulate and implement strategic planning systems in association with the Trust Board
4.2 Translate the intent of the strategic plan into an operational plan, detailing the programmes, policies and projects that need to be implemented, resources required and resource outputs and targets
4.3 Assess progress against the strategic plan, providing reports to the Board on a regular basis
4.4 Identify resource requirements (including skills and knowledge) for the development of programmes and projects within the School
4.5 Identify and mitigate emerging issues and risks that impact on the School and the strategic plan
5. Systems Management
5.1 Put in place and effectively implement sound management and operating systems
5.2 Ensure the completion of all reporting and application processes to the relevant funding and accreditation bodies and the School’s compliance with all the statutory and regulatory requirements of the Tertiary Education Commission, Ministry of Education, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Charities Commission and all other relevant and/or applicable statutory and regulatory requirements including in particular compliance with all OSH regulations and requirements
6. Financial Management
6.1 Develop budgets based on organisational priorities
6.3 Manage approved budgets by managing accountability systems for expenditure including the monitoring and reporting of expenditure
6.4 Ensure that the resources required to operate and develop the School effectively and efficiently are continually evaluated and reported
6.5 Ensure that the Trust Board is advised of options relating to accommodation, finance, staffing, equipment and materials
6.6 Seek opportunities for additional funding
7. Staff Management
7.1 Recruit and appoint all full-time, part-time and casual teaching staff
7.2 Determine terms and conditions of employment and draw up employment contracts for all staff in accordance with EEO principles and the Employment Relations Act 2000
7.3 Ensure an effective team by:
  • identifying and assessing areas of development for staff and developing, implementing, and managing plans to address gaps
  • clearly setting expectations, monitoring team performance, and giving constructive feedback/support
  • using strategies, plans, and activities which encourage high motivation and effective participation levels and which encourage innovation, continuous improvement, and problem solving
  • managing the development and application of succession plans, where appropriate
7.4 Ensure that EEO and Good Employer policies and practices are integrated into ongoing operations
8. Relationship Management and Advocacy
8.1 Promote awareness of the School’s vision and aims
8.2 Participate in networking and community relations activities on behalf of the School
8.3 Develop co-operative and effective working relationships with other national and International theatre institutions and associated industries which:
enhance knowledge of best practice in theatre education
lead to the advancement of the strategic direction of the School
support and ensure reciprocal exchange of ideas, material and resources
8.4. Ensure that business relationships are maintained at an agreed level
8.5 Work with key external stakeholder groups
8.6 Identify and research funding opportunities Te Kura Toi Whakaari O Aotearoa: New Zealand Drama School | Te Whaea: National Dance & Drama Centre 11 Hutchison Road, Newtown | PO Box 7146, Newtown, Wellington, 6242 e: p: 04 3819 250 f: 04 389 4996 Registered Charity CC02345
8.7 Develop a communication plan that informs the community of the activities, work and direction of the School
8.8 Seek public speaking opportunities to advance the profile of the School
9. Curriculum and Programme Management
9.1 Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the curriculum, including classes and productions, in association with the teaching staff and relevant advisory groups
9.2 Facilitate the research, planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum and programmes
9.3 Ensure that curriculum and programs meet the Board’s requirements, and reflect the Board’s priorities
10. Students
10.1 Set the criteria for the selection of students for the School taking into account the nature of the courses, the needs of, and the developments in the industry, academic requirements and cultural and gender issues
10.2 Ensure proper support structures and procedures are in place to safeguard the total welfare of all students enrolled in the School
10.3 Ensure proper disciplinary procedures are in place and effectively implemented
10.4 Supervise, support and service student productions
10.5 Supervise and participate in appropriate oral and written student assessment and moderation systems in association with other teaching staff
11. Performance and Professional Development
11.1. Maintain and develop professional knowledge and skills by keeping abreast of new developments in the theory and practice of theatre and screen education and practice both in New Zealand and internationally
11.2 Maintain a teaching role within the School
11.3 Cooperate with, and participate in, the performance appraisal process and assist in the assessment of outcomes
11.4. Inform the Trust Board about situations that affect the Director’s ability to meet his/her goals

The salary range for the position is available on request.

Te Kura Toi Whakaari O Aotearoa : New Zealand Drama School | Te Whaea: National Dance and Drama Centre 11 Hutchison Road, Newtown | PO Box 7146, Newtown, Wellington, 6242 e: p: 04 3819 250 f: 04 389 4996 Registered Charity CC02345

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