December 22, 2010


This has been a record year for Theatreview: 530 performing arts productions reviewed, many more than once (plus a couple of important new books)! This is a significant increase on previous years: 448 (2009), 359 (2008), 314 (2007), 233 (2006).

Whether this indicates an increase in creative activity or more comprehensive coverage from Theatreview is a matter of conjecture. I suspect a bit of both.

Huge thanks are due to the many dedicated critics who have worked so hard for the modest return of two free tickets. Thanks, too, to all the producers who have entered into this time-honoured contract to ensure their public is informed and the work of live performing artists gets written into the record. And of course thanks to all the talented practitioners who give us a reason for being critics.

All dimensions of the site have been very active and interactive (the ‘Actors and The Hobbit’ forum attracted 407 posts).

Special thanks to those who have joined the Performing Arts Directory (PAD). You may recall that webmaster Sascha created the facility at ‘mates rates’ after I diverted funds that were supposed to be part of my CNZ-funded management fee … PAD memberships to date have pretty well paid that back, so further memberships and renewals will now contribute to the ongoing running costs (not currently funded by CNZ). 

If you see value in being one click away from anyone who wants to know more about you, or offer you work – or if you simply want to contribute to the survival of Theatreview – please join the PAD or offer a koha.

We have recently formed The Theatreview Trust and are currently awaiting a response from the Charities Commission to our application for charitable status. We therefore approach 2011 with cautious optimism that the means will be found to keep Theatreview afloat.

If you have any thoughts about who we might approach for funding, please email

Meanwhile very best wishes to you all for a festive Christmas and a productive New Year. 

John Smythe
Managing Editor 

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