January 25, 2011


Please join us for a mass supporters photoshoot and a tour of the Mercury theatre
Assemble by 11 am – Saturday 5 February 2011

Assemble Beresford Square by 11 am for directions and then the photoshoot outside the Mercury in Mercury Lane, a tour of the theatre, stay for brief outline of the vision for the Mercury from the stage and /or then disperse to local cafes to meet your colleagues and friends as you wish.

You may also like to assist the event as a marshal to keep everyone coordinated and safe.

We are facing a critical point in the campaign! 

The Mercury Rising Campaign urgently needs visual and written evidence of your support for re-establishing the theatre to further negotiations we have begun and those we have yet to begin in the very near future. 

We are planning a ‘flashmob style’ photo shoot event for 5 February and we are inviting you and supporter buddies to participate.

We particularly want to see producers, directors performers, arts workers, prospective audiences, K’ Rd Business owners, politicians, supporters of the arts and business sector people to stand up and be seen.

Bring noise, music, colour and written statements of support. The action for the shoot is simple – one hand on your heart and one pointing to the theatre.

The images will be used to support submissions, the business case, reports and campaign publicity as required.

Participation in the photo shoot event will imply agreement to use the images for the specified purposes – with our appreciation and thanks. 

We will only proceed with this campaign event if we get sufficient supporters to warrant it.

PLEASE BE SURE TO LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING by email: mercuryrisingcampaign@gmail.com  

Please circulate this message broadly to all whom you think are or might be supporters of the campaign.

It will be great to meet you at the photoshoot.

Richard Howard
for Mercury Rising Campaign  

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