February 2, 2011

JOB VACANCY BATS Theatre: Technical and Facilities Manager 

The Technical and Facilities Manager is responsible for

managing, maintaining and overseeing BATS’ technical and production facilities and premises.

This Wellington-based position is full-on and requires a passion for theatre coupled with:

  • working and practical knowledge of theatre production and process,
  • theatre production skills (specifically lighting, sound and stage management),
  • an understanding of the contemporary New Zealand theatre scene, and
  • a responsible and self-motivated work ethic.

Basic computer skills are required.

Full time plus flexible hours required

Ideally starting late February 2011

Pick up a job description from the BATS office, or contact jim@bats.co.nz 

Resume and Cover letter due to jim@bats.co.nz by 5pm 9 February 2011  

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