June 14, 2011


The annual cabaret celebration of anarcho-syndicalist James Joyce’s comic masterpiece ULYSSES will take place this
Thursday June 16, 7.30pm 
at the Thirsty Dog pub
on Auckland’s K’ Rd, corner of Howe St.

The three-hour (including drinking-time) show will take you judiciously and sensationally through ULYSSES, a novel set in Dublin in 1904, comically echoing the ancient Greek ODYSSEY of Homer and regularly and rightly voted the greatest English language prose work of the Twentieth Century.

The Hiberno-Hebrew show features Linn Lorkin and the Jews Brothers Band, Robyn Malcolm, Hershal Herscher, "Irish Joe" Carolan, Chris Trotter, Farrell Cleary, Yuko Takahashi, Bruce Hopkins, "Irish Brian" Keegan, and the Danny Bhoy Barbershop Quartet.

Script: James Joyce 

Music: W Mozart, H Herscher, L Lorkin, T Moore, E Piaf, T Aquinas, M Jagger / K Richard

"Unbelievable" – Matt McCarten      

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