December 12, 2011

The HACKMAN Awards 2011 nominees and winners (in bold) are: 

The Shortland Street Award for Best Break up of the Year…
Nic Sampson and Chelsea Ewan McGregor – These are the Skeletons of Us 
Andrew Munroe And Delaney Tabron – Reasons to be Pretty 
Elizabeth Hawthorne and Robyn Malcolm – Mary Stuart 

The Kathryn Rawlings Award for Best Entrance of the Year… 
Johnny Moffat and Toby Leach – The Chatham’s 
Jennifer Ward-Lealand – Rita and Douglas 
Eve Gordon – Venus Is   

The Elephant Publicity Award for Best Poster of the Year…  
Death by Cheerleader
The Keepers  

The Auckland Actors Award for Smallest Part of the Year… 
Morgan Albrecht – Disorder
Devlin Bishop – Boys Life 

The TAPAC Award for Best Cross Gender Acting of the Year… 
Josephine Stewart-Tewhiu – Space Race
Tom Sainsbury – Joseph and Mahina 
Cameron Rhodes – Tartuffe 

The Oryza Award for Best Accent of the Year…
Natalie Medlock – Dan is Dead /I am Yeti  
Michael Hurst – Red 
Anya Tate-Manning – Glorious 

The Armstrong Creative Award for Best Technical ***k up of the Year… 
The Wizard of Oz – The Hot Air Balloon taking off without the Wiz
Speeddaters – Starting the show while Grae Burton was still flirting at the bar next door 
Disorder – Graham Candy getting hit in the face by falling wheelchair that fell through Basement’s trap door.

The Basement Award for Best Dry of the Year…  
The cast of any Tom Sainsbury play 
Benjamin Teh – The First Asian All Black  

The Johnson Laird Management Award for Best Weapon of the Year…

The Dildo – Tartuffe          

Lara Fischel Chisholm’s wooden spoon – In Flagrante  
The Cardboard Robot – Barnaby Fredric / Stitch in Time 

The Play Press Award for an Actress/Actor playing a character with a disability/medical condition of the year… 
Sophie Henderson – Lobotomy – Yours Truly 
Kura Forrester – Awhi Tapu 
Chris Molloy – Cancer – Heroes 

The Playmarket Award for Best Line in a Kiwi Play… 
“Homebrand, that’s a good brand!” – Silent Night
“I hate Midgets. They steal things” – Death of a Cheerleader 
“Ah, no, Dingus. Life modelling is when you’re doing modelling alive. Durr” Crims   

The Q Theatre Award for Best Special Effect of the Year… 
The Lamp Dance – Faux Real 
Synchronised Swimming – Sirens 
Blood Splatter in Disorder – Young and Hungry 

The Auckland Festival Award for Best Pash of the Year… 
Dena Kennedy and Andi Crown – Yours Truly 
Sophie and Nathan – Tartuffe 
Dwayne Cameron and Nicola Valeta – Reasons to be Pretty

The Auckland Theatre Company Award for Best Nudity of the Year… 
Sam Snedden – The Only Child
Gypsy Katua – The Sex Show 
Yvette Parsons – I am Yeti 

The Silo Award for Best Ensemble acting of the Year… 
[Theatreview is delighted to offer the winners a year’s free membership of the NZ Performing Arts Directory (PAD)]
Isla Adamson and Josephine Stewart-Tewhiu – Chalk 
The cast of Bare   
The cast of The End of the Golden Weather – Auckland Theatre Company 

The APRA Award for Best Singing in a Play… 
The Factory – Killa Kokonut Krew
The Laramie Project – PIPA 
Man Bits – Mark Scott and his Penis song 

The DANZ Award for Best Dancing in a Play… 
Olivia Tennet – The Wizard of Oz  
Mia Blake – Tartuffe 
Devlin Bishop and Cathy Rood – The Sex Show

The Karen Kay Award for Best Performance of “A Hooped Skirt wearing Racially Naive 19th Century character” 
Laurel Devenie – On the Upside Down of the World
Laurel Devenie – On the Upside Down of the World
Laurel Devenie – On the Upside Down of the World   

The Elizabeth Whiting Award for Best Costume of the Year… 
The Cape – Stranger things 4 – Edward Clendon

The White gown – Drowning in Veronica Lake – Sara Taylor 
The Monkey’s – The Twits – Tracey Collins 

The Theatreview Award for Best Review Quote of the Year… 
Lexie Matherson: “The Pumphouse Theatre was as immaculate as always which is no mean feat considering that most of their current audience is made up of under fives and the age gap between the kids and their accompanying family members could mostly be counted in decades rather than years.”
James Wenley: “More satisfying than all 5 of the Bring it On films put together, Death by Cheerleader has the spirit and much, much more.” On Death by Cheerleader 
Needed Moor” – Matt Baker on Othello 

The NZ Actors Equity Award for Best Death  
Todd Emerson – The Family Wilder  
Andi Crown – Yours Truly 
Ben Van Lier – Making a Killing  

The Robert Bruce Award for Best Stage manager 
Josh Hyman
RUBY Reihana-Wilson 
Stacey Donaldson   

The STAMP at the EDGE award for best newcomer:
[All 5 nominees are winners and have scored prizes including a contract at ATC, Q rehearsal space, Basement performance space, First Scene prop hire credit and a Showcast subscription.] 
Jessica Verryt – Set designer – ATC award 
Andrew Ford – Actor – Basement performance space 
Abigail Greenwood – Director – Q rehearsal space 
Tim Carlsen – Actor – Showcast Subscription 
Ruby Reihana-Wilson – Stage Manager – First Scene prop hire credit 

The Lifetime Achievement Award
ROGER HALL – playwright  

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