March 27, 2012


12 Festival Awards recognise outstanding achievement as the 2012 Dunedin Fringe Festival ends 11 days of artistic innovation and experimentation.  

The 2012 Dunedin Fringe Festival ended on Sunday 25 March with an awards ceremony that saw 12 awards given to participating artists. Festival director, Paul Smith, said the awards were an important part of the Festival as they recognised outstanding achievement by Festival artists.

“This year’s Festival has showcased some extra-ordinary work and it is vital that we recognise the talent and the hard work of these artists.”

A team of judges organised by the Festival attended all Festival events. Awards were allocated for each art form category as well as overall awards such as Best of the Fringe.

Mr Smith said the awards were also important for artists who would tour their show to other Festivals inNew Zealandand around the world.

“Every year dozens of artists from the Festival take their show to other Festivals. Being able to say you received the Best of Fringe award at the Dunedin Fringe is a great promotional tool for artists and provides confidence for future audiences.”

The 2012 Dunedin Fringe Festival ran from 15-25 March and involved 50 events and over 350 artists from throughoutNew Zealandas well as international guests. Mr Smith said the event made a valuable contribution to the development of exciting new artistic work and helped bring the town to life.

“Thousands of people attended events, some of which sold out, while other artists took art to the streets, to cafes, to the Farmers Market and dozens of venues around town.”

“My belief is that this year’s Festival was incredibly successful, but I would encourage people to have their own say through our audience survey which can be accessed on the Festival website –

More details on audience attendance figures will be released in April once information is gathered from venues and participating artists. Next year’s Festival is due to be held from 14-24 March.


Best of Fringe: The Fickle Finger of Fate, Kallo Collective (Wgtn)
Judges Comment: The Fickle Finger of Fate stood out as a highly original work that was exceptionally well realised and utterly compelling.

Best Comedy: Abby Howells in the Polson Higgs Comedy Club (Dunedin)
Judges Comment: As a young comedian Abby presented a notable style of comedy that left us wanting more. 

Best Dance: Made in New Zealand, Footnote Dance (Wellington)
Judges Comment: Footnote presented a challenging and thought-provoking work of cutting edge dance and outstanding choreography. An incredibly beautiful, moving, powerful work of contemporary dance.

Best Music: Song Sale (Dunedin) 
Judges Comment: Song Sale was a unique and challenging concept that excited audiences and resulted in some outstanding performances by the artists involved.

Best Outdoor: The Fire of Life: A Journey to the Underworld and Back, The Firebugs (Dunedin) 
Judges Comment: This large outdoor show made excellent use of a beautiful place to present a highly engaging show that incorporated music, dance and storytelling.

Best Theatre: The Fickle Finger of Fate, The Kallo Collective (Wellington)  
Judges Comment: Fickle Finger received multiple standing ovations with a mesmerising show where every second was entertainment par excellence.

Best Visual Art: Transit, Mr Sterile Assembly (Wellington) 
Judges Comment: Transit transformed a static exhibition into a thoughtful and entertaining event that really brought the work to life.

Best Production Design: Cabaret Botanica, Talking House (Dunedin) 
Judges Comment: A highly unique concept event, Cabaret Botannica was beautifully realised with outstanding costumes and an all-encompassing atmosphere.

Best Newcomer: Lizzie Hewitt for Catch-All (Dunedin)
Judges Comment: As the creative director and choreographer of Scarified Pigeon Dance Theatre, Lizzie presented a charming and personal work of contemporary dance.  We can’t wait to see more from her.

Most Original Concept: Canker by Audrey Baldwin (Christchurch) 
Judges Comment: Canker was a technical and physical challenge that caught the public imagination.

Stand Out Performer: Thom Monkton in The Fickle Finger of Fate (Wellington) 
Judges Comment: Thom Monkton’s performance was hilarious and physically demanding. A virtuso performance.

Get to the Adelaide Fringe Award: Hereafter, Free Theatre (Christchurch) 
(The winner of this Award presented a tour-ready show, and receives free registration for the Adelaide Fringe Festival valued at $400 AU) 
Judges Comment: This bold & challenging work is compelling theatre of the highest calibre.

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