August 21, 2012

BATS Theatre Programme Manager  

BATS Theatre is the largest developmental theatre in New Zealand, presenting an annual programme of over 50 shows that encompasses theatre, dance, music and comedy. The Programme Manager is responsible for the artistic vision of BATS Theatre and is co-General Manager.  

This position is full-on, full time plus, and requires a passion for theatre, coupled with a sound knowledge of theatre production, arts management, script assessment and the contemporary New Zealand theatre scene. BATS is recognised as an Arts Leadership Organisation by Creative New Zealand and is supported by CNZ and the Wellington City Council.

•  An exceptional ability to deal with diverse groups of people  
•  Thorough working knowledge of theatre production and practice 
•  Skilled advocate for the arts 
•  Strategic management skills 
•  Exceptional written and oral communication skills 
•  Arts Marketing knowledge  
•  Budgeting and financial knowledge  
•  Computer skills – good working knowledge of Microsoft Office & Excel  
•  Staff Management skills an advantage 
•  Dramaturgical skills an advantage  

Full time plus flexible hours required.  

We seek one amazing person from October 2012. Is this you? 

Contact Chris at or (04) 802 4176 for a Job Description.

Applications close 5pm Wednesday 5th September   

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