September 10, 2012

Send Doulas Wright’s rapt to Holland – an update  

The crowd fund site was launched in early July to raise a shortfall in funding an approx 15% gap in funding the tour and got off to a very good start – it quickly rose to a third of the total and have now raised over $10,000 with 67 supporters. We have pledges from persons wishing to remain anonymous that they will top up the campaign in order to get it over the line if it reaches a certain level We still have a way to go for that to kick in and we have ONE WEEK LEFT.

It is an all or nothing campaign. Although I am also chasing potential sponsors, nothing is confirmed yet. If the crowdsourcing fails to reach target and nothing else is firmly in place by the end of the campaign then sadly, we will not be able to realise this opportunity.

So the call out is simple – To those of you who have already pledged – Thank you. If you have not yet and are willing and able to support this financially, please do now. If you can help spread the word via all means possible this will help.

Pledges can be made by visiting 

Kind regards,

Phil Evans
Douglas Wright Dance 

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