September 17, 2012


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Ultra Fast Broadband will mean New Zealand is connected to the world like never before. For our digital and creative industries, the world’s stage will get that little bit bigger; the world a little bit closer. We want to demonstrate that quite literally, by showcasing graphic images representative of New Zealand on the world’s biggest and most recognisable digital stage – Times Square New York. This digital art exhibition will be filmed for a cinema commercial to be screened in New Zealand. Want to see your name in lights? Here’s your chance. 

The Prize 

Three winners will be selected. Each will win $5000 plus a trip to New York to watch the exhibition live. The exhibition will happen October 10th, 2012. In addition, 10 finalists will have their work screened in the exhibition and each will receive $1000 prize money. (Don’t forget to check out the terms and conditions for passport and visa details)

Winners will be announced on our website at midday Wednesday, September 28th, 2012. 

Who can enter? 

The competition is open to students who are studying an art, design or technology course, at any New Zealand tertiary institution, or have done so in the last 2 years.

What you have to do. 

To enter, you must provide two pieces of work, each created on a computer. Your entires can be in any of the visual arts disciplines, it’s up to you. But just this once, read the FAQ’s; there’s a more detailed explanation given there.

For your first entry, create a graphic image evoking what New Zealand means to you.

New Zealand is a unique and dramatic country ranging from extraordinary vistas, to incredible characters and an indomitable attitudes; not to mention the odd indigenous plant or bird. We are an eclectic mix of do it yourself, No8 wired and taking on the world and winning.

We want you to find the one thing that encapsulates our land, our people, our attitude. Whatever you choose, make it uniquely kiwi and uniquely you. Create it and express it in a way that will explode from a digital screen in Times Square, leaving New Yorkers gasping.

The second image is one from your existing portfolio and the brief for this second entry is wide open. It will probably be your favourite piece of work to date.. after all, this is your chance to show your stuff to the world.

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