November 30, 2012

Step up to THEATREVIEW – take ownership! 

This is a call to everyone who uses this site to take ownership of it, either by joining the NZ Performing Arts Directory (PAD) or with a koha/donation.

Theatreview has allowed New Zealand’s performing arts profession to create and sustain its own online ‘community and make itself visible to the world at large in a highly accessible way. It is time for the profession to own it.

Theatreview reviews NZ’s professional performing arts:

  • in a timely way, and
  • without a word-limit, thereby
  • writing your work and everyone else’s into the historical, searchable, record.

Theatreview welcomes:

  • comments on reviews
  • debate on relevant issues via the Forums, and
  • news for the Headlines and Deadlines sections.

Theatreview creates a production page for every show which:

  • displays in the Coming Up section in the run-up to opening night
  • then sits behind every review of that show, and
  • remains on the historical record as a searchable resource.

If the performing arts profession – the creative practitioners, artisans, performing arts companies and co-ops, venues, facilities providers, training institutions, academics and all other related organisations – value Theatreview, they need to take ownership of it by signing up to the NZ Performing Arts Directory (PAD).

PAD membership:

  • hyperlinks your name to your membership page every time it appears on Theatreview
  • puts you one click away from anyone wanting to buy or hire your goods or services.  

Other points to note:

  • Public funding (e.g. through CNZ) has been very welcome but every dollar that comes to Theatreview does not go to other applicants, so the more self-supporting Theatreview can be the better.
  • To make Theatreview a subscription-only site would be counter-productive because we all want the general public – our audiences – to have free access.

Please join the NZ Performing Arts Directory (PAD) now and/or encourage your colleagues to do the same. You get to manage your own profile page with as much or as little information as you please. The costs per annum are:

  • Individual: $36
  • Co-op / creative partnership: $72, and
  • Company / organisation: $108.

To offer a koha/donation, go here

This action needs to be taken NOW or Theatreview will not survive past 2012. 

Please send this link to this page to your networks:  

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