January 16, 2013

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After a two-year development process, WYRD Productions and KDOONS are delighted to officially launch the MacHomer in-school OUTREACH campaign!

Do your students hate Shakespeare? Do they hate you for teaching it?  There’s help, my friends… These downloadable teaching resources, created by professional theatre actors, are the perfect tools to enhance your classroom exploration of Shakespeare.

The full campaign is divided into 3 modules:

  1. Introducing Shakespeare
  2. Shakespeare’s Time
  3. Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Each module is then divided into 3 or 4 units that deepen students’ understanding of various aspects of Shakespeare’s work or a particular play. Each unit is composed of:

  • a video with graphics (performed by MacHomer‘s Rick Miller)
  • a transcript of the video
  • a topic recap
  • in-class activities (each with Teacher and Class Handouts).

No matter which play you are studying, these activities can supplement your regular classroom work to enliven the text that has become so influential, not only in theatre, but in the common speech of Western society. Enjoy! (And please send us your feedback so that we can serve you better!)

NOTE: Prior knowledge of MacHomer is not a pre-requisite to using these videos, but the MacHomer DVD and/or script are often used as additional teaching tools, and can be downloaded as part of the full Outreach bundle at www.animatedshakespeare.com or in a signed hard copy at rickmiller.ca/shop 

Check out the Shakespeare modules now 


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