February 1, 2013


Hamilton Mayor and councillors will be meeting on Tuesday 5 February at an informal workshop to discuss the Hamilton Theatres Review.

The review aims to map out the city’s long-term needs and supports Council’s aim to maintain and support a sustainable, smart and vibrant performing arts scene in Hamilton.

The review has involved looking at the current facilities and to establish whether they are meeting the needs of Council and Hamilton’s performing arts sector.

The purpose of the workshop is for staff to present the key findings from the review to the Mayor and councillors as well as outline a range of potential options for the theatres going forward. A draft report is currently being compiled and this will also be distributed at the workshop.

Following the workshop, Council will then be encouraging the community to have their say about the review and for Events and Economic Manager, Sean Murray, it is great that the review is progressing.

“The process towards the preparation of this draft report has included a substantial amount of consultation with a range of interested parties and it is great that we are nearing a stage where we get to hear what the wider community think.

The report that will be presented at the workshop is not a final outcome of the review. It will however provide us with a solid basis for discussion and is a great starting point.”

The Council identified the need for a theatres review during the development of the Hamilton Arts Agenda in 2011 and during the 2012 – 2022 10 Year Plan process.

Workshop details

The theatres review will be discussed from 9.30am – 10.30am, Tuesday 5 February in the Committee Room 1.

This workshop is open to the public.

Have your say

From next week, Hamilton City Council will be encouraging people to have their say on the review. A summary and full report will be available on Council’s website immediately following the workshop as well as an online feedback form. Once feedback has been received and collated, a final recommendation around the review will be taken to a full Council meeting in April.


Sean Murray, Group Manager Events and Economic Development

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