February 25, 2013


“Inspired acting: Introduction to M. Chekhov Acting Technique” 

Thursday 14th March. 
3pm – 7pm
Te Whaea: National Dance and Drama Centre
(Places Strictly Limited)
Price: $65.00
Coming back on demand 

“Every true artist and especially talented actors bare within themselves a deeply rooted and often unconscious desire for transformation.” – M. Chekhov.

The inspirational acting comes when everything is forgotten – the method, the technique, the part, the author, the audience. Then a miracle happens.

About the Workshop

M. Chekhov acting technique is designed to nourish and empower the unique talent that lies within each person. During this workshop actors get introduced to fundamental elements of M. Chekhov technique and Character Creation process: Atmosphere, Psychological Gesture, Qualities, Body Centers, Radiation and Image Work. Through a series of body/voice releasing exercises, actors will learn to open themselves, expand the realm of feelings and awareness, deepen understanding of the script from within, acquire improvisational state of being and a multi dimensional approach to acting. Through various exercises actors will learn to feel the intentions in their body as the true domain of will (not the intellect), create layers and commit to a moment-by-moment process.

What You will learn

You will learn fundamental elements of M. Chekhov technique.

You will learn new skills in approaching script.

You will learn how to direct your self and make powerful choices and processes.

You will acquire powerful rehearsal methods.

You will learn the elements of character Mask.

You will acquire the shortest way to create a character using PG.

You will acquire toolbox and vocabulary that speaks directly to your creative mind.

Elena Stejko has worked in the industry for more than 20 years and was recently nominated for “Best Actress’ at the NZ Film and Television Awards 2010. Elena received the award for “Best Actor” 2012, at the Chapman Tripp Awards. Elena has worked extensively as a casting director for NZ film and television for 10 years.

For Registration please email: office@actorsstudio.co.nz

For more information visit: www.actorsstudio.co.nz

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