March 31, 2013


Plans are afoot to boost funding for local content on our stages and screens and radio waves, as follows:

  • 10% levy on the licensing fee for international TV programmes and music played on radio (to NZ On Air)
  • 10% levy on ticket prices for non-NZ films (to NZ Film Commission)
  • 10% levy on ticket prices for non-NZ plays, dance works, opera (to Creative NZ)
  • A further 10% ‘Dead Writers’ royalty (i.e. where copyright has expired on a script, score or other item of intellectual property – usually 50 years after the death of the creator – to the appropriate funding body.

An anonymous spokesperson explained that the strategy is designed to work two ways:

  • Disincentivise the practice of choosing the easy option of trading in ‘predigested’, ‘ready-to-roll’ international product
  • Incentivise the creation and developing of original NZ works and the sustaining of NZ work in the repertoire.

“It is a strategy that will improve the earning potential of creative New Zealanders and so attract talented people to the creative industries,” the spokesperson said. “And the more creative product there is, the more aware we will all be of ourselves and each other, and the greater the social payoff will be in tolerance and self esteem. Plus high quality creative product sells well in the global market – look how much we buy in from elsewhere. It’s a winning formula which ever way you look at it.”

An invitation to Theatreview visitors 

The details of how to design, implement and monitor the scheme will evolve after a round of regional forums and public submissions. Meanwhile the spokesperson admitted they have yet to come up with a catchy name for the strategy / scheme / initiative – and agreed Theatreview could put the call out for ideas.

So please offer your ideas here

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