May 16, 2013


We have been advised by the University of Auckland that they are driving their contractors to have the Maidment Theatre repaired by the end of June. If this time frame is achieved, which we have every reason to believe it will be, the season of The Heretic and The Lion Foundation season of Lord of the Flies will go ahead as scheduled. 

In the mean time, we are excited about previewing the PwC Season of The Glass Menagerie this evening. The show is looking great on stage at Selwyn Theatre; the production and creative team have once again done a brilliant job of rejigging the production concept to fit a new space. You can download the programme from here

Please note, we are unable to provide a bar service at Selwyn Theatre. If you wish to meet family and friends for a meal and/or drink before or after the show, we recommend the restaurants and bars in Mission Bay, Kohimarama, St Heliers, Orakei or Meadowbank. All of those shopping and entertainment centres are a short 5 to 10 minute drive from the theatre at 245 Kohimarama Road.

If you’ve never been to Selwyn Theatre before and are unsure how to get there, we’ve found the simplest approach to navigating there is to get onto Remuera Road and follow it around all the way through Meadowbank until it turns into Kohimarama Road (it worked for Colin, so that is proof it’s a fail-safe method).

The theatre itself is at the front of Selwyn College. Parking is available in the spaces adjacent to the theatre or in front and behind the ASB Stadium. If there is an event in the stadium on the same night as the show, additional parking will be created by opening up the tennis courts to cars.

We also have a playreading on this evening in rehearsal room one (we’re at 487 Dominion Road, park in the car park on Brixton ave. The entrance to our part of the building comes off the car park). The play is Carl Nixon’s The War Artist. The start time is 6.30pm.

Finally, Colin has started a blog, 4:48AM. Taking it’s name from Sarah Kane’s play 4:48 Psychosis, the weekly blog details the various things that wake Colin in a sweat each morning. It’s quite an entertaining insight into the thinking of an artistic director. You can read part one here and part two here.

Kind regards,

Auckland Theatre Company 

PS please forward this message to people who you think may not have received it from us as our emails are not making it through some spam filters. This would be resolved if it’s sent by someone who’s regarded as a “safe sender’. 

PPS in times of general stress, we have found it’s quite good to just keep breathing.

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