January 20, 2014


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Echelon Productions is a multi award-winning theatrical producer and one of the largest touring theatre companies in Australia and New Zealand. Based in Melbourne, the company has been established since 2000 and in that time has produced a number of Helpmann Award and Green Room Award nominated plays and musicals.

Also operating as Perform Educational Musicals, which specialises in touring educational musicals into schools across Australia and New Zealand, the company employs around 50 performers throughout the year.

Our educational theatre division is holding auditions across New Zealand during February for our 2014 productions celebrating NZ Storylines Festival and Cyber Safety.

The performances, which take place within schools, are highly interactive and feature action packed narratives, appealing, identifiable characters, loads of comedy, singing and dancing that captivate and engage all audiences, including teachers!

Casts of two actors perform up to three shows a day in schools. Each cast will have one performer nominated as the team driver who has access to their own reliable car for the contracted period. Both cast members are required to bump in and out the basic set which takes around 20 minutes either side of performance.

All productions are one hour musicals and include PA and individual headset microphones for each performer.

Cast requirements: Performers are the ambassadors of the company and significant role models for thousands of students and this means we have high standards for hiring performers.

Age: between 20 and early 30s
Skills: creative and comedic acting, strong singing voices and the ability to move well.
Personal qualities: Warm, friendly, energetic, excellent communicators, fun loving, reliable, committed and most importantly, enjoy working with children.

We are casting:

2 males and 2 females

Auditions will be held on the following dates:

AUCKLAND – Tuesday 4th February 2014

CHRISTCHURCH – Wednesday 5th February 2014


The acting audition will involve a 30 minute group session involving up to 8 auditionees per group.

This will be followed by an individual singing audition.

The aim of the group session is to offer a relaxed and enjoyable experience that closely resembles that of our productions – creative, playful, interactive and fun.

Scene – We will forward one short scene from the script to be learnt prior to the audition. This scene will also be used as a basis for improvised play.

Song – We will forward a specific song to be learnt including vocal guides and backing track plus vocal chart.

*** NB – these auditions may be video recorded for casting reference only ***

NZ Storylines Festival 2014 production: SPACE JUMP! by Craig Christie

What is going on with Claire and why is she acting so spaced out?! Everything she has been saying and doing since the day began just doesn’t add up. To make matters worse there are times when Jonno feels like everything that is going on has all happened before! How can it be that two friends who have known each other for so long suddenly feel like they’re worlds apart?

Our new Book Week musical SPACE JUMP! has been created to celebrate the 2014 STORYLINES FESTIVAL combining a love of reading with exciting physical competition.

Cyber Safety 2014 production: MYFRIENDS DOT COM! by Craig Christie

Emma arrives at a new school facing new friendship groups while Dylan is spending more time away in his room on the computer. Soon they both will discover how the anonymous cyber world will threaten to take over their lives in a way from which they can see no escape!

MyFriends Dot Com explores the world of cyber-bullying and the importance of cyber-safety in a story that resonates throughout schools and households everywhere. An exciting and engaging production that uses an energetic, fast paced narrative and contemporary music, MyFriends Dot Com brings into focus these vital issues to alert young people of the dangers and consequences of not taking the cyber world seriously.

Craig Christie has been writing educational musicals for 25 years and has also written several full scale commercial musicals including Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision which opened on the London West End in 2008. www.craigchristie.com


Performers are contracted full time for a specified period.

All successful performers will be required to undertake a Working With Children Check and/or Police Check.

Rehearsal dates/times:

From Wednesday 7th May 2014 – ten days in total for rehearsal period – rehearsals will not exceed 8 hours per day and 48 hours in total

*** NB: exact dates to be confirmed – dependent upon which production and cast the performer is allocated to ***

Season dates:

Term 2: From Monday 19th May to Friday 20th June 2014

Term 3: From Monday 11th August to Friday 29th August 2014

*** NB: exact dates to be confirmed – dependent upon which production and cast the performer is allocated to ***

Fee: Flat fee as contractor (to invoice Producer with personal IRD number)

$1,300 total for rehearsal period $815 per week for performance Team leader an extra $40 per performance week Petrol: The nominated team driver will be paid an allowance of $250 per performance week

Travel: Some regional travel and accommodation may be required for part of the tour. Each performer will be paid an additional allowance of $140 per day to cover accommodation, meals and incidentals.

Echelon Productions Pty Ltd
ACN: 091 582 553 ABN: 27 091 582 553
AUSTRALIA T: 1300 652 470 F: (03) 9578 2529
2/323 Koornang Rd, Carnegie, Victoria 3163
NEW ZEALAND T: 0800 775 770 F: 0800 630 102
83 Westminster Street, St Albans, Christchurch, 8014
E: info@performmusicals.com W: www.performmusicals.com  

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