November 19, 2014


At this year’s theatre awards ceremonies and end-of-year celebrations a new nationwide initiative – The New Zealand Theatre Service Honours – will be launched. 

Practitioners who have reached milestone achievements by participating in 25, 50 or 100 professional shows are eligible to receive the honours. These honours will be presented annually at the regional theatre awards and end of year celebrations. Much like a rugby capping ceremony the purpose of the awards is to celebrate commitment and longevity.

Auckland Theatre Awards director Kip Chapman is extremely excited about the intuitive “I believe as New Zealanders we don’t make a big enough deal about our successes. I hope this idea will add colour to our formal theatre occasions and be a very visible acknowledgement of excellence and commitment.” 

For practitioners to receive honours please make sure you qualify and then attend your local celebrations. The honours are self-regulated so when a milestone category is called, those who qualify will rise and step forward to receive their pin.  

Here are some guidelines to help you:

  • The honours are for all theatre practitioners engaged in professional theatre shows. 
  • A professional production is generally one where the crew and actors are paid and/or is performed at an established venue or produced by an established theatre company.
  • If the production received funding from the government or council this would classify it as professional.
  • Tertiary and drama school shows will not be included, and the same goes for short plays, workshops, dance productions, stand-up comedy.
  • Multiple seasons of the same show will be counted as one.
  • You must have been involved as a core creative team member in the production. For example: working for a few days on a show will not qualify.
  • Company administrators must be heavily involved in the show to qualify.

For practitioners to receive honours they attend the local celebrations.

Auckland Theatre Awards 2014  
Monday 1st December, The Wintergarden, The Civic
Red carpet from 6.30pm
$25 presales or table of ten for $225
Tickets available at

The Chapman Trip Theatre Awards 2014
14th December, Paramount Theatre, 7pm
Tickets are available at Circa Theatre for $45.00. 

If you are unsure if you qualify please email your city’s awards or theatre.
Contact details: 

Auckland Theatre Awards – Rachel Forman:

Wellington: Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards – Tim Gordon:

Palmerston North:



The New Zealand Theatre Service Honours are already generously supported by:
The Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards
The Wallace Foundation
The Auckland Theatre Awards
Roger Hall CNZM, QSO
Raymond Hawthorne ONZM
The Court Theatre (Christchurch)
Centrepoint Theatre (Palmerston North)

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