February 26, 2015

Auckland Council is seeking submissions until the 16th of March, 2015 on their Long Term Plan.

Creative Coalition has put together a guide about what it is, what it means for the arts sector in the Auckland region, and how you can have your say. 

Here are some key points to consider:

– The Long Term Plan (or LTP) is where the Auckland Council outlines a set of financial priorities for the next ten years. It outlines the financial steps for resourcing the goals in the Auckland Plan, and is sometimes called the Ten Year Budget. 

– In relation to the arts sector of Auckland, the LTP must provide robust and multi-levelled financial opportunities for support, access and funding within the sector, if it is to promote what the Council has defined as a ‘culturally rich and creative Auckland’.

– Funding for the arts sector is administered two ways, via the Regional Grants Programme and the Local Grants Programme. The Regional Programme contains the only targeted arts funding, as it replaced all previous contestable funding (such as Arts Alive) when the Councils merged. It is integral to the support of significant arts and culture programmes within Auckland, and must be funded fully in the LTP. 

– The Auckland Council has a website where you can submit feedback. It also details community events where you can have your say in person. Find out about how to shape the Auckland Long Term Plan here. 

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