May 25, 2015

The Theatre NOW Project: New Work Generator 

Why don’t we make theatre about _________?

The Theatre Now Project will facilitate an ongoing, long-term group of theatre writers, actors and directors interested in generating and developing new work to respond to the issues of NOW.

We are interested in big ideas: Bold. Urgent. Insightful. With feeling.

What are the issues of now? Why should we care? How do they affect people? How can live performance respond?

The Theatre Now Project will meet monthly and sessions are free. 

Workshops will generally consist of:

1)   An Ideas forum – everyone brings a burning issue which is discussed and debated by the group

2)   Creation Time – We will have several rooms where participants can write/devise responses to issues in the forum session. This can be done individually, as a collaboration between writers, or a devised sequence.

3)   Showing Time: Responses are shared and discussed.


  • Get playwrights, directors, actors, theatre-makers all in the same room from the beginning of the process. Rather than starting with a workshop of an existing script we want to work together to debate and develop ideas.
  • Create an environment for risk, play and action. Come and try out ideas.
  • We want to kick-start multiple works and projects. Work may scripted by one playwright, or playwrights in collaboration, or devised by a group.
  • Provide an avenue for ongoing conversation, development and support of these projects. While we have no set outcomes – this is a project of discovery – work can continue to be developed through the group to full concept/script, with the possibility of production support.

NOTE: Work developed through the Theatre Now Project remains the ownership of the writer(s) and devisors. We ask in return that development through the Theatre Now Project is credited in the any resulting productions. 

It is envisioned that the group meets monthly on a weekend day at the University of Auckland. Extra workshops can be organised as necessary for specific projects.  

The Theatre Now Project is facilitated by Ben Anderson and James Wenley.

Proposed dates for first three workshops: 9am-5:30pm
Saturday 6 June: Workshop 1
Saturday 27 June: Workshop 2
Saturday 25 July: Workshop 3

If you would to apply to be involved, please send expressions of interest by Thursday, 4 June 2015  to James at 

(1) Detail your theatre background (or send us your CV) and
(2) Briefly answer: Why would you like to be involved in the Theatre Now Project? 

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