December 2, 2015


Annual celebration of Dunedin Theatre returns  

On Monday 7 December 2015, the Dunedin Theatre Reviewers’ Collective shall host the 6th Annual Dunedin Theatre Awards. These awards were created to celebrate the achievements of the Dunedin theatre community, to acknowledge excellence in theatre performance in Dunedin, and to encourage diverse and continued participation in Dunedin theatre. The generous support of donors, including Otago Community Trust and DCC Creative Communities Scheme, has ensured that this year’s celebration will be a fitting tribute to the hard work and talent of so many.

This year’s Awards ceremony will be held at Allen Hall Theatre, the beginning point of so many theatre careers. The gala evening begins with a social event at 6pm, followed by the Awards ceremony from 6:30pm. The ceremony will be compered by the fantastic Barry Dorking, and awards will be presented by the esteemed Louise Petherbridge QSO, who was honoured by the Dunedin Theatre Awards in 2012 with the title ‘Living Taonga’. As our ‘Living Taonga’ Louise continues to be an inspiration to many in the Dunedin theatre community.

In addition to the category Finalists, there are to be several Special Awards conferred this year, in order to truly recognise and celebrate the depth and variety of great theatre that Dunedin has created over the past 12 months.

(A full list of category Finalists is below.)

WHAT: 6th Annual Dunedin Theatre Awards
WHEN: Monday 7 December, 6pm
WHERE: Allen Hall Theatre, University of Otago 

2015 Dunedin Theatre Awards


Script/Narrative of the Year:
Alayne Dick – for Feminist Fridays (Counterpoint)
John Drummond – libretto adaptation for The Magic Flute (Opera Otago)
Jonathan Cweorth for Metamorphosis (The Firebugs)
Phil Braithwaite – for The War Play (Fortune)
Richard Huber for “The Golden Handkerchief” – from Farley’s Arcade (Wow!) 

Promotion of the Year:
Gareth McMillan & Zoe Robson – for Farley’s Arcade (Wow!)
Lucy Summers & Zoe Robson – for Punk Rock (Fortune) 

Technical Design of the Year: 
Martyn Roberts – Lighting Design for Amputation of Personality (The Unity Creative) 
Martyn Roberts – Lighting Design for Farley’s Arcade (Wow) 
Matthew Morgan – Sound for The Hound of the Baskervilles (Fortune)
Stephen Kilroy – Lighting Design for The War Play (Fortune) 

Scenographic Design of the Year: 
George Wallace – Set Design for The Cape (Counterpoint)
Martyn Roberts – Set Design for Punk Rock (Fortune)
Martyn Roberts, Richard Clark, Stephen Kilroy – Set Design for Farley’s Arcade (Wow!)
Maryanne Wright-Smyth – Wardrobe/Costume Design for Punk Rock (Fortune)
Peter King – Set Design for Time Stands Still (Fortune) 
Sofie Welvaert – Costumes for Farley’s Arcade (Wow!)

Male Performer of the Year:
Daniel Goodwin – for Merchant of Venice (Shylock) (Counterpoint)
Hamish Annan – for Punk Rock (Chadwick) (Fortune)
Jared Kirkwood – for Punk Rock (William) (Fortune)
Phil Vaughan – for Outside Mullingar (Anthony O’Reilly) (Fortune)
Simon O’Connor – for The War Play (various) (Fortune)
Taylor Barrett – for Punk Rock (Bennett) (Fortune) 

Female Performer of the Year:
Helen Fearnley – for Look Back in Anger (Alison) (Globe)
Jacque Drew – for Time Stands Still (Sarah Goodwin) (Fortune)
Lara Macgregor – for Outside Mullingar (Rosemary Muldoon) (Fortune)
Nadya Shaw Bennett – for Farley’s Arcade (Dun-Edie) (Wow!)
Ripeka Templeton – for Punk Rock (Lilly Cahill) (Fortune)
Torum Heng – for Time Stands Still (Mandy Bloom) (Fortune) 

Outstanding Contribution of the Year:
Bronwyn Wallace (Counterpoint) 
Christine Colbert (Playhouse) 
Keith Scott (Globe) 
Lara Macgregor (Fortune) 
Richard Huber (Wow!)

Director of the Year: 
Audrey Morgan – for The Boy on the Swing (Counterpoint)
Lara Macgregor – for Punk Rock (Fortune)
Lisa Warrington – for Outside Mullingar (Fortune) 
Patrick Davies – for The Hound of the Baskervilles (Fortune) 

Ensemble of the Year:
The Cape cast (Counterpoint)
Feminist Fridays cast (Counterpoint)
“The Golden Handkerchief” cast from Farley’s Arcade (Wow!)
The Hound of the Baskervilles cast (Fortune)
Punk Rock cast (Fortune) 

Production of the Year:
Farley’s Arcade – Wow! Productions 
Metamorphosis – The Firebugs 
Outside Mullingar – Fortune Theatre
Punk Rock – Fortune Theatre/ OU Theatre Studies
The Boy on the Swing – Counterpoint
Time Stands Still – Fortune Theatre  

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