December 15, 2015


2015 Wellies Winners Announced  

Humorous Arts Trust awards 2015’s best comics in Wellington   

An awards ceremony on Sunday night officially confirmed who the funniest comics in Wellington City are.  The Humorous Arts Trust presented the Wellies Comedy Awards, at a gala awards night, showcasing the best and brightest of comedic talent in the capital, with winners receiving a trophy made of a wellington gumboot.

The gala night is in its second year running but the gifting of the gumboot is an old tradition in the comedy community, harking back at least a decade . Some of the past recipients have gone on to become household names such as Ben Hurley, Steve Wrigley and Cori-Gonzales Mecuer.

The live comedy scene in Wellington is growing rapidly with a sought after standard of performance. Currently, local comics are writing for TV shows in Auckland as well as opening for international performers. Wellington has provided the first place winners for the National Raw Comedy Quest two years running. The Wellies awards celebrate all of this regional excellence. They are peer voted by the local comedy community and acknowledge the best, brightest and funniest talent operating in Wellington city.

The new generation of the Capital City’s best jokesters are:

Outstanding Contribution – Vaughan King

Best Newcomer – Jundas Capone
Nominees – Ray O’Leary, Sera Devcich, Pete Hodkinson, Rosie Cann, Lucy Roche, Josh Davies

Most Improved – Jundas Capone 
Nominees – Alice Brine, Savanna Calton, Eamonn Marra, Finn Roy 

Best Off-Stager – Julia Burgisser 
Nominees – Hilaire Carmody, Jerome Chandrahasen, Vaughan King, Neil Thornton, James Nokise 

Best Show – The Medicine (Nik Bruce-Smith & Rob Harris)
Nominees – Loose (Jonny Potts), Bearly Kiwi (Neil Thornton), The Man, Dank Comedy Show (Jundas Capone) 

Best Show Concept – Blind Set (Capital Comedy) 
Nominees – Bogan Yoga, Comedian Deconstruction, Date Night, Sketch/Comedy 

Best MC – Jerome Chandrahasen 
Nominees – James Nokise, Vaughan King, Alice Brine, Neil Thornton 

Breakout Performer – Alice Brine 
Nominees – Daniel John Smith, Jundas Capone, Savanna Calton 

Best Comedian – Daniel John Smith 
Nominees – Ricky Threlfo, Alice Brine, James Nokise, Jerome Chandrahasen, Jundas Capone  

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