July 4, 2016

SILO Theatre’s WORKING TITLES 2017: Call for Submissions  

Silo Theatre believes in the exceptional capacity of New Zealand’s artists, and the need for them to be given space to make their most courageous work.  

Working Titles is Silo’s biannual incubator, in which new writing and ideas are given dedicated development support under the guardianship of Silo’s creative team. We’re committed to creating bespoke development frameworks that reflect the varied processes and approaches of the artists we engage with.

Artists are invited to pitch either an idea or an entire script that will be developed over a week towards a public showing. We will assign skilled directorial and dramaturgical teams to each of the selected works and encourage a collaborative creative environment where the artist’s vision is celebrated and sharpened.

In our selection process we are looking for ideas that are adventurous, stretch the boundaries of theatrical form and showcase fresh perspectives that will inspire, challenge and connect with audiences. We encourage applicants to submit work that is an exciting proposition for audiences to experience in a live setting.

We welcome submissions from designers, directors and actors as well as writers. This means that submissions do not necessarily need to originate from a place of text – it could instead be in imagery, sound or performance discipline.

This opportunity is open to emerging artists through to senior practitioners living in New Zealand. The Working Titles workshops will take place in April 2017, and preparatory work in the lead up to this may also be required.

Submissions must include:

–  A biography of the applicant(s).

–  An introduction to the script or idea that outlines your vision for the work and an understanding of the audience for it.

–  A script or comprehensive treatment.

Email your submission and any queries to helen@silotheatre.co.nz.
Submissions close MONDAY 25 JULY 5PM.

Please note due to the large number of submissions made and the resources required to evaluate them we are unfortunately unable to offer feedback on unsuccessful submissions. 

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