November 2, 2016


NZ Herald, Wednesday Nov 2, 2016 

The University of Auckland’s Maidment Theatre is to close for good after costs for seismic strengthening soared to more than $16 million. 

The theatre, which is set in the university’s central city grounds, was temporarily closed last December amid concerns over its earthquake safety standards.

Today, university bosses announced to staff the theatre would not re-open because it would cost too much to bring it up to modern safety regulations. [More


SCENE BY JAMES: So now we know what’s happening with the Maidment Theatre

Theatrescenes, November 2, 2016
James Wenley

RIP Maidment

The news is balanced with the promise that “should the Capital Expenditure Committee approve the recommendation”, they “will commit to building a new performing arts facility to meet the teaching, research and service requirements of the University”. They would aim “to create a facility that meets the needs of the University across as wide a range as possible of the relevant disciplines (e.g. theatre, music, and dance) as well as University public events”.

So, the University goes in-house for their performing arts facility, and Auckland’s art community loses an important performance space.

What was special about the Maidment was that one week you could go see a professional touring company, the next you could go to the Medical Revue. It was a commitment to the value of bringing the arts to the University grounds, and growing the next generation of artists and arts appreciators. [More

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