March 28, 2020


The 2020 New Zealand Fringe Arts Festival has wrapped up another remarkable season of performance, art and music.  

Even in the face of unprecedented world events, the Fringe continued to thrive whilst taking measures to ensure artists and audiences were safe.  

This year’s awards applauded outstanding work in production, design, and performance, all of which surprised and delighted us in the 2020 Fringe season. Never an easy task for the judges, this year was of course no different with an abundance of incredible new works to experience.

With over 150 shows across over 40 venues in Wellington featuring everything from intimate lounge room shows to a musical with over 40 performers, the 2020 Fringe has been a success and the team thank everyone involved in making it happen.


Best in Fringe
Nominees: PO PO MO CO Present Flutter and Flounce, Princess Boy Wonder, Sorry for your Loss, The Ballad of Paragon Station
Winner: Funk (ad) 

Most Innovative Work
Supported by Wellington International Airport
Nominees: Tandy Dandy, New Dance Group, Gringodevil
Winner: party at mine 

The Grand Design Award
Supported by Inject Design 
Nominees: The Best Show in Town is at Your Place Every Night, Sorry for your Loss, Funk (ad)
Winner: Princess Boy Wonder

Best Marketing
Supported by Phantom Billstickers
Nominees: Puberty the Musical, I’m Walken Here,  The History Boy, Should Have Said No
Winner: Happy-Go-Wrong

Most Promising Emerging Artist
Supported by The Menagerie
Nominees: Daniel Nodder (Stepping Up), Austin Harrison (Magnus Steele, Battle of WITs), Cole Hampton (Hello Darlings! with Pamela Hancock), Amy Booth (The Little Clown)
Winner: Cian Gardner (Sorry For Your Loss) 

Most Promising Emerging Company
Supported by BATS Theatre
Nominees: STEW Productions (ELEVATOR!), Big Estrogen Energy (Horny & Confused), The Queen’s Closet (Quanto Dolce: Musick for the Passions)
Winner: Acts of Kindness (LEGEND)

Outstanding Solo Performance
Supported by Te Auaha 
Nominees: Hester Ullyart (The Ballad of Paragon Station), Jean Sergeant (Change Your Own Life), Charlotte Otton (Feminah), George Fowler (Princess Boy Wonder), Jonny Potts (The Best Show in Town is at Your Place Every Night)
Winner: Lily Fish (Jofus and the Plank)

Outstanding Ensemble Performance
Supported by Te Auaha
Nominees: LEGEND, Quanto Dolce: Musick for the Passions, Funk (ad), Luke Scott’s Little Theatre of Big Dreams
Winner: PO PO MO CO present Flutter and Flounce 

Momentous Movement
Supported by Friends of the Fringe
Nominees: SISTERHOOD: A Circus Celebration, Situations in Play, Utopia #9, Mind(is)ful
Winner: Funk (ad)

Stellar Original Content
Supported by Gibson Sheat
Nominees: The Best Show in Town is at Your Place Every Night, Dr Drama Makes a Show, SHE + THEY, Luke Scott’s Little Theatre of Big Dreams, Try Hard
Winner: The Ballad of Paragon Station

Spectacular Organised Chaos
Supported by New Zealand Improv Festival
Nominees: ODDACITY, Dinner, New Dance Group, Dr Barry Roberts Health and Wellness Summit/Program (Guide): “Ascending to The New You”
Winner: Puberty the Musical

Parkin Development Award
Supported by Chris & Kathy Parkin

Melbourne Fringe Festival Tour Ready Award
Winner: Princess Boy Wonder

The SYNZ Tour Ready Award
Winner: Deep & Meaningful

Adelaide Fringe Festival
Winner: SISTERHOOD: A Circus Celebration

International San Diego Fringe Exchange
Winner: Sugarman

All Australian touring awards supported by the Australian High Commission  

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