April 17, 2020

Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand SHAKES QUOTES SONNET!  

SGCNZ’s Next Locked-down Competition ~ Round B  

Shakespeare wrote so many quotable quotes!  

Category 3)  
Choose any 2 of Shakespeare’s ‘quotable quotes’ or phrases and weave them into a Sonnet – of any form. 

Age groups:

a) Under 12 years old

b) 12 – 24 years old

c) 25 years and over


  • Any Sonnet form
  • Sent in low resolution – disqualified if over 500 kb
  • No fancy images – create them with your words!

E-mail it to: sgcnz@sgcnz.org.nz

  • In the Subject line write:
    Shakes Quotes Sonnet and Category No 3 and Age letter.
  • In the body of the e-mail, at the top write your:
    Postal address with post code:
    Sonnet with Title:
  • A statement giving SGCNZ permission to publish your Sonnet widely if you are a winner.

Second Round B: Due by 5pm Friday 1 May 2020

Prizes will be sent to the winners!

Contact: dawn@sgcnz.org.nz M: 027 283 6016

If you wish to find out more about SGCNZ or become a Friend, visit sgcnz.org.nz/Join Us

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