May 23, 2020

BATS Theatre seeks Partnerships & Donor Programme Developer

Wellington’s iconic BATS Theatre looks to welcome an experienced Partnership & Donor Programme Developer to our tight-knit team. This is a fixed-term role with flexible hours and remuneration to match the standard of work required within this time-frame. Potentially this is the perfect opportunity for someone looking to scale back their hours, or to re-enter the workforce.

This is a newly created role within our organisation and was defined before the COVID 19 pandemic. Understandably our needs have shifted since we created this role but our strategic direction remains unchanged. We’re looking for someone who is willing and ready to change with the times and guide us through upcoming fluctuations within the fundraising sector. This is an ideal role for someone who tests and creates new processes, and actively finds new ways of working.

Apply by Wednesday 10 June 2020.

For full details go here.

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